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The second teaser trailer for Season 5B of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) was released over the weekend and it was a real doozy. The trailer honed in on the gang unleashing full blown terror on a person or persons unknown. In fact, was there even anyone there at all? Has the group lost it completely? Who knows!

Even though the trailer was action packed, I couldn't help but notice one small detail that was slightly different about one of the characters: Rick's beard.

It just looked a little more groomed than we're used to seeing, and - dare I say it - perhaps even a little more fake than usual. After some sleuthing my suspicions were confirmed by Redditor freeradicalx who worked on the trailer and reported that Andrew Lincoln had been clean shaven at the time the teaser was shot, and that the beard in the video was nothing but a stunt beard.

But stunt beard or not, it did get me thinking: just how far has Rick Grimes' version of the golden fleece come over five seasons of The Walking Dead? Well, take a look for yourself:

Season 1 - A close shave Rick

From Season 1, Episode 6
From Season 1, Episode 6

This was about as scruffy as a Season 1 Rick Grimes got. Back in the days when they still had faith in a cure being found, and hope that there was a possible government organized safe zone, Sheriff Rick preferred to keep clean shaven and business-like.

Season 2 - 5 O'Clock shadow Rick

From Season 2, Episode 13
From Season 2, Episode 13

By the end of Season 2, smooth faced Rick was definitely rocking a bit more of a 5 o'clock shadow look. The post-apocalypse world was beginning to take its toll, especially after seeing several of his new friends die at the hands of the walkers, not to mention his only child being shot and having to kill his former best friend, Shane.

Season 3 - Groomed Rick

From Season 3, Episode 16
From Season 3, Episode 16

By Season 3 the beard looked like it was here to stay, but while the group were based at the prison he kept it pretty trimmed, somewhat surprising considering it was during Season 3 that Lori died during childbirth and no one would have blamed him for giving up his grooming habits . However, this suave looking Grimes wouldn't stick around long.

Season 4 - Wild Rick

Season 4 is when Rick really upped his beard game. After the events of the Season 4 mid-season finale there was no longer easy access to shower facilities and, though personal hygiene may have suffered, the beard thrived. It was the perfect reflection of his rough and rugged lifestyle after fleeing the prison, as well as an indication of Rick's state of mind.

It's highly unlikely that you could imagine the clean shaven Sheriff from Season 1 ripping another mans throat out, but some how it all made sense coming from the rugged apocalypse survivor in Season 4.

Season 5a - Wilder Rick

From Season 5, Episode 8
From Season 5, Episode 8

After the events of terminus, Rick's beard seemed to have gotten stronger with every kill he made, and by the mid-season finale at Grady Memorial the beard was almost at full strength, and Rick's humanity was fast fading away.

By the end of the episode the beard had soaked up blood, sweat and tears and seemed to flourish, ready for the second half of Season 5 and the new challenges the group might encounter.

Season 5b - Wildest Rick

We haven't seen Season 5b yet, but from the two teaser trailers we have seen (first one here, second here). Rick is still carrying his security blanket firmly on his face. Sadly though, our love affair with Rick Grimes' fleece will soon come to an end.

You may remember Andrew Lincoln turned up to the Season 5 premiere of the show clean shaven, however at that point in time the show was still filming the second half of Season 5, indicating that (sadly) that beautiful face rug's days are numbered. On the bright side, the beard loss probably means that the gang will reach some sort of civilization again, more than likely the Alexandria Safe-Zone. But who knows, maybe it will grace his face sometime again in the future.


Is Rick's awesomeness directly related to his beard length?

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