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It might not be the news that Vampire Diaries fans wanted to hear, but the imminent departure of one of the show's leading characters could be the beginning of something pretty huge in the DC television universe.

That's right - The CW has revealed that Steven R. McQueen - Jeremy himself - is set to leave [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853). Fear not though, McQueen fans - from the sounds of it, he might just be moving on to take the lead in a series of his own, and as an iconic DC superhero to boot.

Specifically - and, if you've been following McQueen on Twitter, unsurprisingly - Batman's one-time sidekick, and all around ass-kicking bad-ass, Nightwing.

This guy.
This guy.

The cause for all the speculation? Well, The Vampire Diaries' executive producer Julie Plec recently spoke to THR, and revealed that McQueen's departure from the show isn't set to be entirely permanent. The way she did that, though, might just be revealing...

"He’ll always be welcome to join us for important events — unless [McQueen] finally gets his wish to play a superhero and he’s unavailable."

Yup, that's right - Plec just teased the actual reason for McQueen's departure from the show (which has otherwise remained more-or-less a mystery), and, from the sounds of it, it's McQueen's longstanding dream to play a superhero.

And, since it just so happens that the character he's spent the last year or two angling to play, Nightwing, is soon set to arrive on our screens in TNT's upcoming Titans (but remains uncast), it's not too hard to believe that McQueen might finally have got his longtime wish.

After all, he's been pretty...


...determined... get the part.

Now, originally, a whole lot of McQueen's efforts were aimed in the direction of The CW's Arrow's producers, but since Nightwing was recently confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming Titans (and, therefore, not in Arrow), his focus has shifted a little...

And, while 'actor wants highly sought after part' isn't exactly the most conclusive piece of proof in the world, the timing of McQueen's departure from The Vampire Diaries, alongside Julie Plec's teasing of his reasons for leaving, certainly seems to make it a much more plausible piece of casting than it'd otherwise seem.

The big question, though? What do you guys think?


Would Stephen R. McQueen make a good Nightwing?



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