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So, it's been a while now since we finally got our first look at [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), and...well, it's not stopped being awesome in the meantime.

I mean, why would it? We're talking a brief, glorious look at new characters, a new droid, freakin' X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon. What's not to love (and watch repeatedly, every chance you get)?

Well, for many, there was a problem. A glowing, red, cross-guard featuring problem. Specifically, that lightsaber.

Yup, that one.
Yup, that one.

For weeks now, debate has raged across the internet over whether the lightsaber is a) awesome, and b) practical.

Now, answering a) is something we all have to do for ourselves (though if you ask me, it's a lightsaber - of course it's awesome), but b) might just actually be something that we can come up with a pretty comprehensive answer to.

And, in fact, an enterprising group of Star Wars fans seems to already have come up with one.

Youtube's Thrand teamed up with his buddies Eldgrimr and Marquez to find out whether a crossguard lightsaber would, despite its seemingly impractical extra blades, be a functional weapon for a Jedi.

To do this, they dunked a similarly sized and proportioned weapon in white paint, and gave it a dose of the ol' Jedi action...

The only problem?

As several commenters pointed out, the weapon in that video isn't really what we saw in the trailer - and so Thrand and the gang set out to perfect the blade, and prove, once and for all, that the new lightsaber would, in fact, work.

The result? This video...

Which, by combining...


A Direct Comparison

A Whole Bunch of Swinging

...and, of course...

A Final Arm Check

...seems to prove that the new Star Wars Episode 7 lightsaber could, in fact, work. And, either way, there's a whole lot of awesome in that thar video right there. Nicely played, Thrand... (Plus, if you want even more awesome weapon action, you can check out his Youtube channel right here).

The big question now, though? What do you think?

Take another look at the trailer, and let us know below!


Could the new lightsaber actually work in practice?

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