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There's a lot of crossover between Harry Potter fans and Anime fans. Perhaps it's the magical, imaginative spirit both hold, encouraging followers to get involved, discuss, create and adore their combined passions.

Anyhow, whatever the reason, Anime Harry Potter fan art is a thing, and a darn awesome thing at that. Check out some of the finest Harry Potter Anime...

Can you name every character?

These images are so cool, but Anime is so stylized people can't always tell who is who - unless the character has a giant lightning bolt scar, of course! Besides, this incredible Anime from Candy Pandas via DeviantArt deserves a closer look...

Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny

I especially like the way the artist has honored the book description of Hermione's wild hair.

Remus Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black and Pettigrew

Awww, the li'l Marauders were pretty cute, weren't they?

Fred & George, Luna, Neville and Draco

Not that Draco would ever willingly get so close to Neville Longbottom, but you get the picture!

Lily Evans, Lucius Malfoy, Regulus Black and Snape

I've never thought about what Regulus Black would be like at school before. That'd make an interesting back story, especially given Anime's penchant for the dramatic and the painful teen emotions.

Hermione in first year

This beautifully textured Hermione and many other great watercolor effect anime artworks by KR0NPR1NZ

Harry, Hermione and Ron

That chirpy-lookin' Pikachu thing is Crookshanks, obvs. Artwork by Felis-M.

Mischief Managed

Great usage of irregular framing here by Kanae.

Rogues' Gallery

Awesome - love the way that Hagrid is way too big to pack into one of the boxes! Nice job, MachoMachi!

The Seekers

The classic Hogwartian seeker line-up in great artwork by Lynneh.


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Source: DeviantArt


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