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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

They say a picture speaks a thousand words... but these ones whisper those words in the hoarse, creaky voice of the unknown...

Mothmeister - a couple of photographer-taxidermists - create these quasi-human, freakishly masked anthropomorphized creep-creatures for your delectation...

Check out 15 images so bizarre they're like mini horror movies!


Yup, miles from anywhere is probably where this being should stay.


Arachnophobes, start backing away NOW.


Fans of the Hannibal TV series will find this image especially interesting...

Subservient Rural Gimp Robot?

The cat is pretty cute though, despite being dead.

You're Next

There is definitely a meth lab in that trailer.

Babe, Pig in the Unspeakable Alien Wilderness

What I want to know is: is that an Ood mask from Doctor Who?

Victorian Burlesque Rodent Lady

Nope, nothing odd about this at all.

The Master and the Servant

Maybe this is how the Game of Thrones ravens are despatched?

The Eternal Poodle

Maybe this is what the hell dimension reserved for Cruella DeVil looks like.

Don't Look into the Monkey's Eyes

There are so many freakish things going on here.

Antlers and Dolls

If you're getting creeped out, you can always squint and pretend that bizarre head is a nice, friendly, giant golden snitch.

Collagen Lips

Stay Puft, I think you'd better get to the optician's.

Who Runs the World?

This, children, is a Boss Bitch.

The Rabbit of the Wasteland

This photo is a perfect encapsulation of how you will feel after watching Watership Down.

Pig the Barbarian

You know the bit in Saw with the creepy pig mask? I think they're related.


Would you have one of these creepy horror photographs on your wall?

You can keep up to date with these dark photographer-taxidermists on Instagram, or buy Mothmeister's cool images here on Etsy.


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