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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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And as the dust settles at the end of 2015's Golden Globes extravaganza, the tipsy actors, producers, screenwriters, directors and everyone involved in the making of the great works nominated are ferried back into their limos and carted to destinations that celebrities inhabit, what are we left with?

A certain Monday hangover, the resounding feeling that Boyhood will indeed win every Academy Award, like, ever... and memes. A truck load of memes and epic photobombs of beautiful people in beautiful attire.

And this year's event gave us a fair few bits of strangeness to weave into lol's, like Chrissy Teigen's cry face and Prince's general extraterrestrial badassery. Shall we have a peek inside?

Chrissy Teigen Now In Meme Form!

At least she handled her new found meme-dom like a pro, Chrissy Teigen, swimsuit model and spouse of John Legend, was captured in between a state of pure unadulterated joy and disbelief as her husband and conscious rapper Common picked up their Golden Globe for Best Song. That face, it's like being caught between a fart and a polite laugh at your bae's parent's dinner.

Frances McDormand Hasn't Got The Time For Revelry

What the heck is going through her mind here? If I was nominated for a Golden Globe I'd be raging like a fiend, man! But here we have the legendary actress straight grumpin', like a certain internet famous feline...

Catherine Zeta-Jones' Final Form

Not only does she dip beneath lasers (whoa oh oh), she can also be found shaking a leg on your iPhone or MacBook. Props to the internet for figuring this one out!

Benedict Drops The Cumberbomb

With wonderful turnouts as Sherlock Holmes, Kha... I mean John Harrison (spoilers?) and a friggin' dragon (Smaug in the last two entries of the Hobbit trilogy), to name a few roles, it comes as no surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch is now renowned as the resident Prince Of London (second to His Majesty King Idris Elba). At the Golden Globes, he was up to his old mischief again, photobombing celebs like a G.

Image by Ellen Von Unwerth
Image by Ellen Von Unwerth

Bill Murray Simply Being Bill Murray

Why hasn't this been turned into a meme yet? Bill Murray pulls a spectacular Bill Murray at the event. What a guy!

All in all a great event for everyone involved, especially the internet. What do you guys think? Have you managed to come across any other great memes? Pop them in the comments!


Which celebrity came out of the Golden Globes with the best meme?

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