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Here's a story about George Clooney that will probably make you love him even more - if that is possible.

You know that suit he wore at the Golden Globes on Sunday? Did it look familiar to you (apart from the fact that all tuxedos look exactly the same)? That's because it was the same threads he wore to his wedding a couple of months ago.

The actor, writer, producer, director, activist and philanthropist revealed to Variety backstage that he was wearing the same Armani suit that he sported for his wedding to Amal Alamuddin back in September.

This one
This one

I love this for two reasons: firstly, that it seems like a really sweet and sentimental thing to do and secondly, because it shows that Clooney practices what he preaches. So often we hear from celebrities imploring us to do our bit to save the environment and be better people (why won't you think of the children!), yet they're more than happy to charter a jet around the world to pick up their favorite hat/glasses/hair dresser/sushi (I'm looking at you Bono!).

The hypocrisy is astounding sometimes.

So good on Clooney for doing a bit of recycling and helping keep unwanted and discarded suits from washing up on a beach somewhere and choking a turtle.

He's basically saving the planet, but looking really f**king cool while doing it.


Do you think Clooney should have bought a new suit?



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