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So, it's officially 2015. And you know what that means?

Yup, that's right...Back to the Future Pt II was, sadly, wrong, and - despite the best efforts of scientists and engineers everywhere - we don't actually have flying cars and hoverboards.

That, though, doesn't mean we should despair. After all, there's a whole lot going for the real 2015 that the movie version didn't quite predict. After all, you're reading this very sentence on a global communications network that allows us to communicate across countries in a fraction of a second - which, sadly, Back to the Future Pt II didn't predict.

And, indeed, as the newly released art from the movie's concept artist, Edward Eyth, reveals - the world envisioned by the filmmakers was really quite strikingly different to ours in several ways.

For instance...

We Don't Have Giant Repair Robots

Though, in fairness, there is usually construction work happening everywhere.

We Don't Have RoboNannys

Though TV does its best...

We Don't Have Security Droids

Though, I suppose drone warfare is pretty much halfway there...

We Don't Have Jackets This Awesome

Not even at Urban Outfitters.

And, of course...

We Don't Have Police Cars This Shiny

Though, with the amount of super-futuristic weapons and ordnance police forces get from the Pentagon now, it's probably only a few years away.

And, on the flip side...

We Totally Do Have An Obsession with the '80s

Just like that there diner...

We Totally Do Have Video Books

Hello Kindle.

And, of course...

We Totally Do Have Video Everywhere

Welcome to Skype, 2015.

So...actually, Eyth didn't do too badly, really (and you can see more of his awesome concept art right here). Just a shame about the lack of cell phones, really...

What do you guys think, though?


Which 2015 would you rather live in?

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