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Like a walker hungry for brains, us [The Walking Dead](series:201193) fans are always hungry for any new info about the show. With the second half of Season 5 still a few weeks away we're currently scouring the newest trailers and posters for anything new we can possibly find.

But with 59 episodes under their belt, there is plenty of interesting information about past episodes and seasons! Take a break from rewatching the Season 5B trailer for the 100th time and check out these 6 Walking Dead facts you might not have known:

1. Norman Reedus was originally rejected

Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon, but was rejected. However, the showrunners were so intrigued by his audition that they created the part of Daryl just for him

2. Things are getting darker

From Season 3 the make up and special effects team used darker skin tones for the walkers to show their decay as time progressed.

3. Time is passing slower than you think

The events of the second half of Season 4, from the prison being stormed to the group finds Terminus, took place over just 8 days, and the events of the entire first half of Season 5 took place in just four days. Basically Maggie lost her entire remaining family in less than two weeks.

As of the mid-season finale for Season 5 we were at day 514 post-apocalypse. Staying with the theme of time...

4. Time sped by in Season 1

The pilot episode spans the most time in a single episode (over 61 days from the shoot out to Rick being trapped in the tank in Atlanta). Overall, the first season spans the most time, while Season 4 spans the least time. This is interesting considering Season 1 only had 6 episodes, where as Season 4 had 16.

5. The cast are a mixture of nationalities

Despite the show taking place in Georgia, USA, many of our favorite characters are actually British! Andrew Lincoln a.k.a. Rick Grimes, David Morrissey a.k.a. the Governor, Lennie James a.k.a. Morgan Jones are all British actors, while Lauren Cohan is an American-born Brit (her dad being American, and her mom Scottish).

6. Originally there were going to be two Lizzies...Kind of

The characters of Lizzie and Mika were originally going to be twins named Lizzie and Mike. However Kyla Kenedy's audition impressed so much that they scrapped the idea of Mike and instead created the role of Mika for her.


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