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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was sort of like the 2014 version of Man of Steel. People either really love or they really hate it. Personally I loved it, to me it was something I was waiting for in terms of a Spidey film.But I'm not here to review the movie. I'm here to talk about a certain scene: The Rise of Electro. When the Enemies Sizzle Trailer came out it showcased Electro along with a song, a song that I felt was pretty catchy and wondered if it was going to be in the movie. Fortunately, it was. When I was watching the movie, this song came on called My Enemy by Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six. Now I figured it was just a dubstep song that was put in there just for the fact that the movie is about Electro. But as the song went on, a certain part occurred where Electro's thoughts are going along with the song, so I was interested if in the soundtrack do we actually hear those inner thoughts of Electro.

After listening to this song many times and learning all the lyrics, I have to say that this song is one of the most BRILLIANT pieces of a soundtrack I have ever heard. First off, this song is nothing but great build up and once Electro starts going we hear some amazing dubstep fused with Zimmer's amazing score. Once you start to hear Electro say, "He lied to me...he shot at me..." You know something bad is about to go DOWN. However that part is not the only part we hear Electro's thoughts. The ENTIRE song is 90% Electro's mind. If you listen, what sounds like just a beat is actually lyrics being whispered.

"Something's happening
Mind distracting, agony inside of me
My pulse is rising
Mental torture,
Self Destroyer
Can't ignore the Paranoia."

The Rising
The Crying
I'm Dying"

Those lyrics are repeated throughout the song and if you read the lyrics carefully, they describe what's happening to Max Dillon to a T. Max Dillon is dying and Electro is rising. The first list of lyrics are Electro quickly going insane and power hungry. Then there are the lyrics I mentioned earlier. Max gets shot and all focus gets put on Spider-Man causing his insanity to rise,

"He lied to me...

He shot at me...

He hates on me..."

Then his thoughts get quicker, Electro takes over,

"He lied to me.

He shot at me.

He hates on me.

He's using me



Afraid of me

He's dead to me."

Even faster,

"He lied to me.
He shot at me.
He hates on me.
He's using me

He's dead to me

That Spider-Man

He is MY ENEMY!"

Amazing dubstep and after Spidey saves the people in Times Square, Electro goes fully nuts,

"They lied to me.

They shot at me.

They hate on me.

They're using me

Afraid of me.

They're dead to me."

Louder and crazier!

"They lied to me!
They shot at me!
They hate on me!
They're using me!



And that is actually on the soundtrack. They recorded a background song that went along with the villain's transformation. As far as I know, this has never been done before and I think it is brilliant. I give major kudos to Marc Webb, Hans Zimmer, and the Magnificent Six for creating this song. I absolutely love.

If you loved or hated the Amazing Spider-Man 2, you have to at least acknowledge that this song is a brilliant piece of filmmaking.


So WATT did you think of My Enemy AKA Rise of Electro theme?


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