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Jerome Maida

As just about every MoviePilot fan knows, the first full "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer is going to debut tonight during the College Football Championship Game between Oregon and Ohio State.

This makes a load of sense, since it is an opportunity to reach a large audience.

Last year, for example, 25.5 million viewers tuned in for Florida State's victory over Auburn in the BCS championship last January, while 26.4 million watched Alabama's rout of Notre Dame in 2013 and 27.3 million watched Auburn beat Oregon in 2012.

There is every indication that this year, the first with a four-team playoff format, will result in even bigger numbers, since last week's semifinals drew 28 million people.

This is a very key demographic to reach, since the men and women watching the CFB championship game is made up in large part by those who would be most interested in an action-packed film that looks cool.

It is very important for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" to reach beyond it's natural audience, in much the same way it's predecessor did.

Marvel Studios needs to create an unstoppable wave of momentum for this film and make it a must-see event for as many people as possible.

A wow-that-movie-looks so-flipping-cool trailer tonight is vital toward that end.

Because as "Avengers: Age of Ultron" goes, so goes the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the success of the original "Avengers" film has many thinking "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is a lead-pipe cinch to be as successful or moreso, that is all relative.

Because at the domestic box office, only 24 movies have earned over $350 million in their initial run. Of those 24, nine have direct sequels, and the first eight of those sequels earned less than it's predecessor. The only film to gross at least $350 million that had a direct sequel that grossed more was "The Hunger Games; Catching Fire" The point here is that, when a movie's initial audience is at this incredible level, it's extremely difficult to expand on that with the sequel.

This was proven yet again with "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1", which opened to a "disappointing" $121 million and looks like it will not even gross $340 million, let alone the $424.6 million "Catching Fire" did.

In that same vein, with the marvel Cinematic universe on an incredible upward trajectory and expanding, it is extremely important that "Age of Ultron" at least comes close to it's record-shattering predecessor.

That means at least coming close to a $207 million opening weekend, $623 million domestic total and $1.5 billion worldwide gross.

So, if "Age of Ultron" opens with, say, $160 million, grosses $$450 million domestically and "only" $1 billion worldwide, people will start talking about franchise fatigue, superhero movie fatigue, Marvel Cinematic Universe fatigue, etc.

More importantly, it will also put films starring the core characters in less of a position to keep THEIR trajectories going upward, let alone the films starring new characters.

In short, Marvel Studios needs to get existing fans as excited to see "Age of Ultron" as they were to see "Avengers" three years ago, AND convince tose who first saw it on DVD to head to the theater AND convince new people to trek to the theater.

To do that, they're going to need a monster marketing campaign - and the most important part of that will be the trailers for the film.

So tonight could be the first step to Marvel Studios either having a Marvel Cinematic universe full of films that are growing and on an upward trajectory or one that is simply full of regular blockbusters.

I can't wait!


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