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"The Walking Disney", I'm not sure if anyone has seen it before but personally I think that this collection would make an awesome comic book! I would buy it and read it. I love the characters and the stories are pretty cool too!

Check it out!

Nani, Lilo and Stitch

loving the fear in their eyes ...
loving the fear in their eyes ...

" Lilo grew up since the beginning of the Apocalypse, she became a teenager hardened by the difficulties of this life. Unfortunately David didn't survive during a zombie attack ... They had to continue their way to find a protected and quiet place ..."

Master Tigress and her kind and loyal friend Viper

They are fierce!
They are fierce!

" Using their two masters of kung fu fighting techniques (the tiger and the snake), these two women were sent by their master Shifu with their group composed of Monkey, Mantis and Crane (nicknamed according to the fighting style used) to find a savior who will save the world from the Apocalypse and later discover the origin of the infection..."

Jack and Toothiana

Loving the spider-like snowflake tattoo on Jack...
Loving the spider-like snowflake tattoo on Jack...

Jack Frost, the rebellious bad boy meets Toothiana the sweet, from the movie Rise of the Guardians by Dreamworks !

"After having lived through many adventures to the side of a group composed of North, Sandy and Bunnymund. The two were both forced to flee after an attack by another group of hunters who wanting to plunder them (Pitch Black).

Jack and Toothiana don't know what became their three friends. So they walked and wandered for a few weeks alone. One day they stumbled upon a new group, lead by Harold alias Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid!"

Hiccup and Astrid

They are cute.
They are cute.

Harold alias Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid, left the city infested with zombies with a bunch of friends to find a protected place.

Hiccup hopes to find his parents healthy and safe after being separated from them.

During a zombie attack Hiccup was unfortunately bitten on a calf of one leg, with calmness, Astrid cuts his leg below the knee with an ax to prevent the infection from spreading and transforming him. With his qualities of invention and his intelligence, Hiccup makes himself and artificial leg composed of the objects they had recovered.

On the road they found an injured but not infected cat and decided to keep and name,Toothless.

Later, they meet Jack and Toothiana

Jim and Ariel

Her legs didn't last too long
Her legs didn't last too long

The young rebel and determined man, Jim Hawkins and his curious and courageous friend Ariel!

"Ariel and Jim had been childhood friends , long before a curse had given her a tail and before she had met Eric...

Jim had a very difficult childhood indeed his father left the family home, leaving him alone with his mother but Jim is not at the end of his pains... At the beginning of the Apocalypse, he witnessed of a traumatic event, his mother was killed and eaten by zombies front of his eyes! Jim later decided to flee out of the city with his best friend Ariel.

Strong links have been built on the road between them and Jim promised to Ariel he will protect her whatever it takes and will give his life for her. One day in a small town to find food, Ariel's leg was trapped in a toothed snare left by hunters of the Villains Clan. To keep Ariel alive, Jim had to carry her to escape ... because of the smell, blood and infection of her wound, the zombies started to track them down. Along a river a mass of zombies found them, Jim killed a few, but he had to take a decision quickly ...

He decided to throw Ariel into the river to save her...

Ariel panicked, and saw Jim get bitten by zombies. Due to shock, she lost consciousness and later awoke on the shore of a beach, alone and scared, with many traumatic memories in her mind ..."

-- My theory, would be that she awoke half in the water of an ocean along side of a beach, dazed and confused ... when trying to get up, and thinking of her wound, she seen that she had a bigger problem ... a mermaids tail, and began her quest to find the answers deep under the sea! --

Peter, Wendy and Alice

I find these three pretty cool for a group.
I find these three pretty cool for a group.

" The brave, intrepid but a bit immature Peter with his two best friends, the twin sisters (Yeah you've never seen this striking resemblance !!) opposed, Wendy, kind and dreamy and Alice, adventurous and curious...Peter, before the Apocalypse, was a very appreciated boy by his classmates and was part of a boy group -- Tink was a best friend ...When the zombies appeared they were in the college, and the population began to decline because of the attacks...

Peter searched Tinkerbell in vain but doesn't find her so he fled with the two sisters. On the road the months pass and they use their discretion to escape danger but hunting zombies. Almost as a game for Peter and Alice

Wendy seems to be too careless and imprudent, she worried a lot for them. Wendy is more mature and sees all the atrocities of this cruel world.

Indeed she is right to worry since Alice's mental health deteriorates, she has excess of wrath and violence which could become dangerous for the trio..."

Simba and Nala

Loving Nala, almost a Rhianna look?
Loving Nala, almost a Rhianna look?

There wasn't a very long description for this couple, so here is my take:

After being transformed into human form, due to a curse on their forest, Simba and Nala left to find an accepting place to live. On their journey they came across wounded animals that began to transform into something demonic infront of their eyes. Unsure of what was happening, and for the safety of themselves, they gathered materials and killed everything that seems "crazy" and threatening to them.

This team would be unstoppable, due to their cat like moves and abilities from their previous form.

Merida and Rapunzel

Frying pan, skull basher!
Frying pan, skull basher!

At the beginning of the Zombapocalypse everyone was very surprised and panic came very quickly in the streets ...

The two best friends had to rely and trust on each other to survive this horrible event , they took what they found at hand and escaped from the city hoping to find a safe place ...Their road was quickly separated during a zombie attack in the countryside and a young man named Flynn, helps them.Merida was unfortunately separated from them and forced to continue her journey alone ----

Rapunzel and Flynn follow the road to a better destiny -

Rapunzel and Flynn

They have good chance to survive thanks to the medical skills of Rapunzel

-- my theory: After being separated from Merida, this duo strives to find her, destroying what cannot be healed, and healing those who are in mid trans!

Scar and Shenzi

In the Villains Clan,Scar is the leader of the hunters.With his group of robbers they plunder the cities and houses in search of food and medicines ...

Shenzi is his best soldier, violent and psychopath. They pay close attention to those who are on their way and to their surroundings.

My theory - he was the inventor of the curse. Wanting the kingdom as his own, he created a curse that would rid Simba for good, however it back fired on himself and Shenzi -

Yzma and Kronk

A clan is created in this apocalyptic world populated by zombies and a community of thieves, robbers join together to survive.

These two are psychopaths and cannibals who stalk the survivors.

Yzma is somehow the great priestess and the Councillor of the clan, a bit schizophrenic. She managed to tame a zombie named Kronk and convert him at her will as a pet


loving how relaxed he is,..
loving how relaxed he is,..

In the Villains Clan, he believes to be the king seating on his throne of skulls,but true leaders are pulling the strings in the shadows...


I'll end it with Elsa and Anna ...

The Disney heroes are in a post-apocalyptic world populated of zombies and must survive like the great series Walking Dead

Here the first survivors Anna and Elsa the Frozen Sisters

♪ ♫ Elsa? Do you wanna kill a zombie? ♫ ♪

To read the rest of their story and to see MORE of this awesome series, check out the link below. I personally thought this fan art creation was pretty awesome, I would love to see it in action ... I probably would have changed a few things or added in but hey, a good job was done on this part... Maybe the artist should do a comic book version .. I would read that!

Elsa & Anna's story:

Here is the complete collection:

All art and story descriptions by Kasami-Sensei

What do you guys think???


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