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DarJon Bentley

Have you ever notice that our beloved actor "Liam Neeson" hardly ever plays the role of the non-action packed guy. If you look at his film history there are only like 1 or 2 movies that don't evolve the use of a weapon (such as a gun). I haven't seen all his movies but I feel as though almost all of them involve him being a bad ass, and holding a gun. Don't get me wrong here Liam Neeson movies are best, and every movie he has gotten himself into i are the best. But for a change I would like to see him in a good movie where he is just a regular guy who doesn't have to protect anyone with a gun.

Now there are two different idea's of protecting. There is one where it just like a father is protecting his daughter from a boy that she is dating, or just a man protecting someone or something with out killing someone. Then there is a protecting when someone has to go in witness protecting program, or has to protect someone from a Russian Mobster. Both are great ways of protecting, but there are not that many movies where it just the protect for happy reason, not protecting life situations.

Liam Neeson does a wonderful job as a huge bad ass hero, but doesn't mean he can't be on the sweet side. For just one movie I would like to see him as a hero to just his daughter for saving her from a teen with something on his mind.


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