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Cory Hardrict began his career in his home town of Chicago, where he was seen in regional print ads, commercials and television movies. Now, however, he is a familiar face in many big productions and will be appearing with Bradley Cooper when [American Sniper](movie:401418) premieres in January of 2015.

Based on the true story of a Navy S.E.A.L., the film is both powerful and touching according to Hardrict. “I just saw it and I am left in awe. It’s a very powerful film and I hope it resonates with audiences.”

Hardrict plays D, a hard-house guy who is a man of few words. “D is a tough guy in the film. He does everything he can to protect Cooper’s character.”

Hardrict found it easy to relate to his character from American Sniper because he would do anything to protect his family as D protects his fellow S.E.A.L.s. “I have a son and a wife, so the character’s motivation resonates with real things for me.” Hardrict also explains that much like D, he is a quiet man who speaks through actions more than words.

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard
Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

When asked about his experience working with legendary actor and director, Clint Eastwood, Hardrict expressed his admiration of and appreciation for the man. “Clint Eastwood is awesome. He’s the best director I’ve worked for. He likes natural performances and so he’ll give you his vision and then let you go for it. He’s an amazing director and person; someone I really look up to.”

In addition to his role in American Sniper, Hardrict will appear in Spectral, a sci-fi thriller about a special ops team sent to fight supernatural beings in New York City. Hardrict’s character, Alessio, is the fifth character he’s played who is a member of the military. “The action in American Sniper and Spectral was similar, but going from playing a real person who passed away not long ago to a fictional fighter was very different.” Hardrict explained that while the themes of the films are similar, the approach to those themes is very different. “Spectral was done on a larger scale—we’re saving the world—while American Sniper was much more personal.”

Hardrict has just gone home for the holidays after completing work on an independent film. “I’ll be reading different scripts and taking it easy. I’m seeing what’s out there. I love action, saving the world, and playing real characters.”

American Sniper premieres January 16, 2015. Spectral is due to hit screens in 2016.

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