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1. Popular Mechanics for Kids - Embark on a quest for the coolest, fastest, wildest and weirdest in this award-winning series! Join your fearless hosts Elisha, Jay, Vanessa and Tyler on action-packed adventures to discover how things work. From the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of space, this 24 episode collection takes you on an exciting journey that will spark the curiosity of kids and adults alike.

2. Noah's Magic Ark - None of the other animals believes the friendly young koala that a dangerous flood is coming. But their ridicule will be proven wrong.

3. Mama Doni's Jewish Holiday Party: Let's Get Ready for Passover - Mama Doni's Jewish Holiday Party fills your home and holidays with a hoedown of Jewish deliciousness and delight! Filled with song, dance and cooking.

4. First Aid for Parents - [3X30min] What’s happening to me? - The answers to some of the world’s most embarrassing questions. Where did I come from?- Have you ever talked to your child about sex or love? The story, from lovemaking to birth, told in a way that will bring relief, amusement, and information to families everywhere. Divorce can happen - Divorce: why it happens, why it hurts and how to cope.

5. Bushwacked (Series 1) - Join mates Brandon Walters (Australia) and ABC3's Kayne Tremills on a wild journey as they trek throughout Australia on some seriously weird and sometimes deadly wildlife missions in this action-packed, adrenalin-pumping adventure series. From chasing down dangerous spiders, killer sharks and venomous snakes, as well as friendly penguins and lovable turtles, the boys are constantly kept on their toes as Brandon sets Kayne amazing missions to complete during each episode.

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