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There are many titles that are being being suggested for the upcoming [Deadpool](movie:38663) Movie. The movie itself is to be released on February 12th 2016 (USA).

Ryan Reynolds is the only confirmed actor that will play the role of Deadpool. However, T.J. Miller is rumoured to be part of the cast now as well. What role he will play? I have no clue, it really depends on the story line they choose.

Hopefully, this movie will be drastically better than Deadpool's appearance is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If they continue that story line many comic book geeks and nerds will definitely have a ball.

Currently, the alternative title for the Deadpool movie is Deadpool Eats the Marvel Universe. In the universe of Earth-2149, Deadpool and other unfortunate superheroes have subsequently turned into zombies. On the Marvel website there is a small blurb that briefly explains the synopsis. Honestly, if they decided to go with this story line then I would be a little bit disappointed.

They should keep true to the test footage that was made awhile ago. If they decide to keep that sort of atmosphere and that sort of movie, it will do big numbers and coincide with the comic books.

Additionally it will be extremely hard to do a movie when Fox only has the rights to a limited number of characters in the Marvel Universe.

This is the link to the Marvel website:

Other suggested and possible titles for the movie are: X-Men Origins: Deadpool or X-Men: Deadpool. If they decide to choose one of these titles, it frankly won't be all that accurate. Deadpool worked with X-Force along side Wolverine at a time. He was not part of the X-Men, unless you favour an alternate version where Deadpool possibly joins the X-Men for the Messiah War.

Overall, the Deadpool movie should be it's own entity in the Fox Marvel Universe. There of course will have to be a cameo by Wolverine no matter what. If they include him in association with Weapon X, or an origin story how Deadpool received his healing abilities, that would be cool.

I have hope for this movie and I can't wait until it comes out.


Are you excited for the Deadpool movie?


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