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I have a serious love/hate relationships with award shows. Starting with the People's Choice Awards, right down to the Oscars and Emmy's - I watch each one. Well, not the AMA's because I am severely out of touch with music... but I digress... we ARE talking about TV & movies here.

I watch these shows because I admire many of the actors, actresses and writers that are gifted these moment for outstanding work in their respective categories. Of course I have a rooting interest when one of MY shows are represented, but I know they can't win EVERY award.

The Globes are different... I watch the Golden Globes solely for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Every other award show in the world should have them host. They can get away with AMAZING things, and they never, ever feel forced, scripted or uninterested.

Who else could get away with jokes about North Korea and Billy Cosby like these two? No one I tell you... no one.

Their ability to call out their peers with a wink and a smile, yet still have the moment feel like a complete punch to the gut just lends credence to why they are two of the funniest women - not only in Hollywood - but on the planet.

Case in point...

Oh, and Amy... as far as I am concerned, this will be my last Golden Globes unless by some miracle the are able to get Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt to host. Then maybe... MAYBE I'll tune in again next year.


What do you think of Amy Poehler & Tina Fey as hosts of the Golden Globes? Would you watch without them?


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