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It has been awhile since I have done a review. I will contribute it to laziness as well as the want to play my Xbox One and Playstation 4. I have seen quite a few movies since I saw "Her" at the beginning of 2014; some have been great and some have been not so great. In the span of the year I can say with strong conviction that "Kingsman: The Secret Service" is one of the best in that year span. There are some highly praised movies I have yet to see like "Birdman" and "Whiplash," but they are on the top of my must-see-as-soon-as-possible list and I will get there in time.

I was blind going into the screening for this film. I haven't seen as much as a trailer so I had no idea what to expect going in. When I left the theater in shock about how awesome this film was. Every facet of it was well done. Matthew Vaughn and his experience and directing style definitely translate to this film. I am so glad I got to see this early and ready to give a fair, full rounded review of this film that comes out on February 13th.

The first thing about this film I'd like to discuss is the action scenes in this film. The action sequences were done masterfully. If you are family with Matthew Vaughn's previous film "Kick-Ass," then you probably have a firm grasp on what I'm saying. Just imagine Hit Girl's action scenes from that movie and replace her with Colin Firth and other Kingsmen. There is one action scene that stands above them all and you will know it when it happens. Colin Firth delivers some of the best action moments and also the finale of the film features amazing action sequences. Matthew Vaughn is a director who knows how to film action and has a unique grasp on this art and kudos to him bringing this art to big screen.

Another aspect that makes this film so strong is the characters, three in particular: Colin Firth's, Taron Egerton's, and finally Samuel L. Jackson's. Colin Firth's character is your James Bond super spy type who excels at almost everything. Colin Firth is totally credible in this film and plays his role perfectly. He serves as a mentor to Taron Egerton's character in regards to training him to be a Kingsman. Taron Egerton's character is the one we see the most growth during the film. He plays the son of a Kingsman who died on the job and years later he is a punk and getting him in trouble. Colin Firth comes and gives him guidance and takes him under his wing. It's nice to see a fresh face in this role. In retrospect, he really is the main character and he plays his character very well. He is actually pretty funny too. I left really impressed and can't wait to see what he does next. Samuel L. Jackson's character is the villain and main antagonist in this film. And he is absolutely hilarious in this film. But given that, he really has a strong motive for his plans and isn't an excuse to have some sort of opposition in the film. Jackson and Firth have some nice back and forth's during this film and it is very intense. The supporting cast that includes Mark Strong and Michael Caine really shine as well. The other Kingsman recruits are a great presence pushing Taron Egerton's character to the brink during his training exercises and really helps Taron transform his character.

At the end of the day, this movie will have you leaving very happy. No matter what you go in thinking, you will come out different. This movie has great direction, superb acting, excellent script, and just pure awesome action sequences. You are invested from the moment the film starts and it doesn't let you go. At the end of the year, Kingsman: The Secret Service has a strong chance to be on your Top 10 of 2015. This is a fresh new take on spy movies and I implore everyone to pay to see this film. You won't be disappointed.

I give Kingsman: The Secret Service a 9 out of 10. The only knock is takes awhile to get into the action but once it gets there, hold on to your seat.


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