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Steven Spielberg is a legendary director. When he created Jaws, there's no way he could have known how amazingly well it would be received. Years and a couple sequels later (the original came out in 1975), for some reason I still find myself playing the infamous, chilling and suspenseful "du-nuh du-nuh" build up of the score whenever I'm near a piano.

This promotional video is awesome, because it truly shows how times have changed when it comes to the distribution of movies. What this promo is doing - bringing a movie to TV and turning it into a Sunday night event - is pretty outdated at this point. Now, it's incredibly easy to watch whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it. But this wasn't the case back in 1979 - a full 4 years after it was released, even.

Check the promo below:

So much about this is crazy...

Vintage 'All in the Family' promo

Really makes you appreciate HD! This is a classic show in its own right and to see a regular commercial for it is pretty neat.

Suspense! Drama!

So old-school. Also, the way that they are promoting this as a groundbreaking thing that a 4-year-old movie would be put on TV is wild, a totally foreign concept to us now. Like, in retrospect, Jaws getting put on TV seems like a no-brainer.

One of the most classic lines in the history of cinema

"You're gonna need a bigger boat". Too classic. If I was alive in 1979, watching Sunday afternoon TV and I saw this promo, I would probably tune in. Prior to the digital era, that's just what people did. They watched whatever was available to them. Seems weird, huh?

Extremely simple title page

It actually looks like they may have used KidPix to make this title page. Remember KidPix? It was kind of like Microsoft Paint, except even more simple. And as the name suggests, it was made for kids. Not adults.

This is definitely a cool blast from the past. Everything about it. I am infinitely more thankful for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, my Apple TV, the amount of options I have on cable, etc.

Random sidenote: It's still pretty mindblowing that Jaws was rated PG.


Does 'Jaws' live up to the hype of this promo ad?


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