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The ladies over at Fashionably Geek are some of my top resources for cool, but stylish geeky fashion thanks to their creative thinking and tech obsessions, so when I spotted this awesome smartwatch customization site via one of their latest pieces, I flipped out.

In the article, writer Nicole Wakelin details one of the latest designs from the creative community at FaceRepo, which is based off of Snake's communicator from Metal Gear Solid. The design is made for Android watches and works with an app to customize the home screen, or 'face' of the watch. There's also an alternate Raiden design, should you prefer the cyborg over Snake.

via technabob
via technabob

But the possibilities for a creative home screen don't stop with Metal Gear. Scouring the site for nerdy goodies, I came across several cool and interactive designs that I knew my fellow geeks would enjoy. Here are a few picks:

Star Wars Countdown

While I generally check my countdown on sites like MakingStarWars, having a portable reminder would be totally awesome! This design features the logo for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) and a countdown clock until the movie's big debut.

Star Trek LCARS Padd

Should you subscribe to the other spectrum of classic sci-fi, FaceRepo also has something for you! In fact, it has more than just something - the LCARS padd from Star Trek is featured in roughly 15 designs on the site, so pick your favorite and beam me up!

Retro Gaming Gone Gadget

This face captures the classic look of the original Nintendo GameBoy, and also had an animated Donkey Kong level running in the background of the display, along with all of the basic functionalities for a smartwatch, including the weather and the status of your accompanying smartphone's battery life.

Relive Golden Eye with a Bond Watch

The first thing I remember blurting out when I learned about smartwatches being made available to the public was something along the lines of, "now I can really be James Bond!"

Now, it seems as though we really can: this replica, based on Golden Eye, displays all of the usual smartwatch basics - along with your upcoming scheduled events. The colorful side-bars also dissipate as your battery does, so it's a great way to keep your gadgets in check.

Get in the Robot, Shinji!

It's your job to navigate NERV and its' pilots to victory with this new face, based off of a similar phone design that pairs extremely well with it. Prep for the coming of the Angels with battery power, weather, a calendar and unique clock options, then get in the damn robot already.


Which watch is the coolest?


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