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When speaking about the cinematic universes of any kind, you have to begin with the story. The story has to be the heart of the project because it needs to pull the viewer in. It needs to be captivating enough for people to care about the journey they are about to embark on. Once you have the story, you have to get the right actors to bring it to life. I bring this up because with a universe like that of DC you have to believe it deserves the best you can get.

Now I know a lot of you will dislike how much I will compare this to the MCU but you have to think about it, DC is comparing and moving according to the MCU. It is only right that you compare the beginning of one to the mass success of the other. They want the same success, so to have that you should follow the successful journey already in from of you.

With that said


1.) Rushing!

You cannot rush a franchise like DC, it is globally successful so you have to take your time with it. Marvel knew the entire plan from the first Iron man movie. They knew the story and the direction leading to the first Avengers. DC is rushing because of that success yet they are not taking the time needed for it to be as big if not bigger of a success. Man of Steel was a good movie, there are some that did not like it but I think it was excellent. The problem is this, DC did not have the same plans that they do now, they neglected to build a story leading to the JLA movie.

Marvel knew that not everyone was familiar with their characters, so they introduced them correctly. They did not go overboard; they introduced the main characters that would play well off of each other. By doing this we got to care about the characters, people who were not familiar with the Marvel universe could get behind a hero because they understood them.

DC at this point has only introduced Superman (in this line of films), and yet in the next film they are incorporating at least 5 more characters because they are rushing. This movie is not going to be 5 hours long, there is no way to introduce characters and give us a reason to care when the main focus is obviously on Superman & Batman. TAKE YOUR TIME. Allow us to feel like we are on a journey with new experiences and characters building to something that we have grown to care about.

2.) Choosing the right direction with the right actors.

In my personal opinion you should not take a franchise like this and have untested actors and actresses take on the roles of iconic characters. Wonder Woman should be played by someone with more experience and prestige when acting is regarded. I am not saying that Gadot is a bad actress, I am saying that for a character as Iconic as WW we need to have someone who has been tested in the roles she previously portrayed, and that is something that I have not seen. This is a major role and a major character; I think you need to take your time when choosing.


Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Wonder Woman etc. Seriously let’s slow down here and get a grip on what the focus is. Marvel focused on 3 major characters, slowly trickled in 2 secondary characters and improved on a previous character over the course of 4 films leading to “The Avengers”. DC has rushed this idea which will be their downfall. 2 movies and over 7 characters is not the way to go if you want to make sure this franchise doesn’t flop. Do not get me wrong, I do not think this film will just flop but it will not be the success they are hoping for comparing to “[The Avengers](movie:9040)”

Lastly, all of this is leading to a “JLA” movie, so let us look at the lineup of movies to come.

Firstly it looks like they are working backwards which will ultimately work against them. Not only are they following a movie that did a mediocre job in the theatres, but they also had no real lead up to Batman v Supeman. Secondly, the movies that DC has chosen to focus on are not only backwards but are odd choices to boot. [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) has a movie coming after she has been introduced in Batman vs Superman preceded by a Suicide Squad movie.

Now the problem here is that, unless the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) is heavy in Batman vs Superman, then what sense does it make?

Unless you are an avid fan, which most that will see the movie are not, once again you are showing that you are rushing the product and not thinking things through. Suicide Squad is followed by the Wonder Woman film, which seems to be backwards seeing as we are being introduced to her in Batman vs Superman. This is a huge character, being given [Black Widow](movie:1070824) status. Wonder Woman should be treated like Thor, give her a full movie, show us who she is and where she comes from. Show us the heart and determination of the character and then put her in JLA. Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern are getting stand-alone movies in this new cinematic line before Batman….many say that he doesn't need another stand-alone but be honest, this is a new Batman with a different line, Batman always deserves a stand-alone.

Here is the fixed DCU:

[Man of Steel 2](movie:1516560): Introduce Lex, show that Kal-el has grown into his role and now has to battle an intellectual villain. (cameo of The Flash)The climax introduces the new batman and leads into…

Batman: Solidify a Joker & Harely Quinn and introduce The Riddler (cameo Green Arrow)

Wonder Woman: (cameo Aquaman) Leading to..

JLA: Introduce Cyborg

Suicide Squad

Cyborg :


JLA 2:

As always this is all in fun so keep it civil. So what do you guys think? Am I way off, right on the money, are there different things you would do or just keep it the same?


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