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Movies based on bestselling novels aren't new stuff in Hollywood these days, in fact, this genre has become a very important source of money for the big studios, and the upcoming adaptation of E.L James' book promises to become one of the biggest hits of 2015. Or at least, we know as movie goers and readers, it has the potential to.

But, is Sam Taylor-Johnson capable of delivering a well-structured movie, that pleases both die-hard fans and movie critics? Because, we know box-office numbers are gonna be high on the opening weekend (50 Shades of Grey will be released on Valentine's Day), we should better think if the movie is going to be able to keep its first place during its second weekend. On what will this depend? Basically, that it doesn't suck in the next 5 points.

5. Sam Taylor-Johnson

I mean, I don't like writing bad words whe it comes to talk about filmmakers (bacause I want to be one), but Taylor-Johnson doesn't seem t to me like the right choice for the task. Although I believe giving the project to a woman its a very good idea -the book is written from the perspective of a young lady- I still believe Focus Pictures could have found someone else. Names like Jodie Foster, Sofia Coppola or Claire Denis come to my head right now.

And, for the record, I have nothing against Taylor-Johnson, but I don't like any of her previous work. She's better known by Nowhere Boy, which mean we can only hope she does it better this time.

4. Rated R

If you read the book, whether you became a fan or not, the most logical thing to expect is that a movie based on that material would just not receive, but even look for a NC-17 rating. But this is Hoollywood, and things work slightly different. A few Days ago 50 Shades of Grey was officially announced as Rated R, which mean it's not gonna be exactly the brave project we all were expecting.

It would be wrong to write that the only way to make true justice to E.L James book would be by making a porno, because this book is not just sex, but we have witnessed excellent and complex stories that use sex as a narrative tool and an artistic element, like Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac.

3. From pages to screen

Is this rating going to affect the impact of the story? Probably yes. The one element that makes this book so special -even when sex fully described in books is not new- , is that women are feeling so identified with Anastasia Steele, whose desire drives her to behaviors she hadn't thought she'd experiment. So, desire is the key here.

So if sex scenes are not going to be as explicit as we thought thery were gonna be, the element of desire taken to the movie format will be inevitably damaged. [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) need sex scenes like the ones of Mulholland Drive to create a full erotic atmosphere, and of course, David Lynch is not around here to direct them.

And remember, Christian Grey doesn't make love, he... well we all know what he does.

2. Chemistry

Did you see Golden Globes last night? Remember the moment when Jamie and Dakota presented an award together? I mean, they reminded me the kind of chemistry that Anne Hathaway had with James Franco when they hosted the Oscars.

I don't care if they were nervous or if it was too hot in that room, they looked so uncomfortable! With no smiles or eye contact, they seemed two strangers talking togehter for the first time. Let's hope their performances aren't as bad as their presentations.

1. Jamie Dornan

Dornan got the role after a true soap-opera of fans firing Charlie Hunnam and claiming for Matt Bomer. Christian Grey is not just a super-attractive man, he's rich, he's charismatic and misterious, and he is not only physically, but emotionally the man all women look for. Is Jamie Dornan capable of portaying a man like this? I think not.

He's handsome, I can't deny that, but he has not the talent that, for example, Charlie Hunnam has when we talk about acting skills. Deep down, I can't stop thinking that millions of fans asking Hunnam to leave was a terrible mistake, and even a worst one Focus Pictures bowing to pressure. I don't wish it, but I believe Dornan is about to have the kind of career Megan Fox had after Transformers.


When you read the book, who did you picture as Mr. Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey opens next February 13, with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the leading roles and Sam Taylor-Johnson directing.


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