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The treasure trove that is this tumblr's fan art tag knows almost no limits: from posters to imagined scenes from [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), the collection of creative artworks by passionate fans is huge and awesome. What stands out, for me, is when fans recreate scenes from the 88-second teaser trailer, and all of the fan-made posters that look like they belong on a movie theater's walls.

After browsing through it for hours, I've decided to round up my favorites with links to the artists so that you, too, can enjoy their totally awesome work.

Classic Style Poster by Adam Schickling

This one's been rather popular as of late, and serves as a follow-up to the artist's earlier concept for a classic poster. Based off of their appearances in the teaser trailer and asssorted concept artwork, Schickling created a beautiful new posters featuring our heroes, old and new. I love the addition of the Chrome Stormtrooper concept that we saw a few months ago!

Lengthy, Gorgeous Poster Art by S2lart

Kylo Ren's controversial lightsaber casts a presence of evil over a fleet of Rebel x-wings, combining into a long, gorgeous piece that utilizes the classic angles of Star Wars machinery for a gorgeous minimal feel.

A New Binary Sunset by Andrew Swainson

While we're still not sure whether or not Daisy Ridley's "Rey" is in any way related to the Skywalker family (that's a Nabierre face if I ever saw one, though), this fan art imagines the young heroine standing under the binary sunset of Tatooine, much like Luke and Anakin Skywalker once did. In the distance, the Millennium Falcon outruns two TIE fighters.

McQuarrie Style by Kaz Oomori

Taking the iconic style of classic Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie and adding in the spices of personal originality, this fab-futuristic imagining of an Episode VII poster stood out to me immediately.

Escape the Sith by Arian Noveir

This illustration was done in full vector, and from concept to completion, it certainly is a thing of beauty. Check out the process here.

Epic Art Deco by Lazare

This truly epic poster takes every highlight from the teaser trailer and seamlessly strings them together in one shot, making for a beautiful, wall-worthy piece.

As we draw closer by the day to the release of The Force Awakens, fans are delivering on the daily with new artwork, fan theories, and creative goodies to keep the rest of us entertained until the big day.


Which poster would you put on your wall?


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