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The new website Spylight is making the dreams of film-loving fashionistas (And fashionistos? Fashionisters?) everywhere come true. While I may be a few million dollars a year short of hiring my own personal stylist, I can now use entertainment, aka my favorite thing in the world, to help me get dressed in the morning! Just one more reason to watch all the TV and movies.

It's pretty simple. You find a show or movie where you like the style, pick a character, and voilà! They show you where you can buy the exact products or a close match. In the words of Spylight themselves:

Yes, Spylight works with studios to identify the exact item (product and brand) that actors wear on set. For some items that cannot be exactly identified we provide similar look-alikes. We also provide cheaper alternatives to high-end products.

Yes to all of this, mainly the last sentence. New year, new wardrobe. Trust me, you deserve it. With that in mind, here are the top seven characters that I think we could all learn a thing of two from style-wise:

1. Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby

The Oscar-winning costume designs by Catherine Martin are no joke and can't be picked up at any old store. That being said, there are some great lookalike options on Spylight that will be helpful to anyone trying to relive the glory of the roaring '20s. Please, Daisy, let me raid your closet.

2. Don Draper, Mad Men

If the '20s aren't really your speed, men, maybe the end of the '60s is more your style. Don Draper's look will make you want to slip into a crisp button down and pour yourself a drink before your next big pitch meeting.

3. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

While the HBO show and movie title put the emphasis on "sex" and "the city," everyone knows that "fashion" is an equally important part of Carrie Bradshaw's life. Although I personally can't pull of her bold style, braver souls than I will be able to cop her iconic New York style.

4. Jessica Day, New Girl

Now Jessica Day's wardrobe is one I can really get behind in my day-to-day life. Casual, cute, chic, I'm in. New Girl also seems to be one of the shows where fans can find and buy some of the "perfect matches." All the better for me because my closet is dying to be freshened up.

5. Tom, 500 Days of Summer

For the casual work bro that isn't down to dress like Don Draper, may I suggest Tom from one of my personal favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer, instead? I'm a big fan of his cardigan and sweater vest look. Throw in a leather satchel and we're really cooking!

6. Mindi Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Another woman with a bold New York style, Mindy Lahiri is definitely the best and brightest dressed OB/GYN in the city. The site also lets you search for outfits by certain episodes. Since I watch The Mindy Project every Tuesday night, you can bet I'll be browsing Spylight the next morning.

7. Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wallstreet

If the '80s drugged up business powerhouse is the look you're going for, then look no further! You can be the proud owner of these serious suits and luxurious leisurewear, minus the cocaine addiction, hopefully.

Spylight is still currently in its beta phase, so there are a few kinks here and there on the site, but that's no reason to stop from hopping aboard this awesome train while it's still young and hip.


Which of these characters would you like to share a closet with most?


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