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TV has examined and revolved around the supernatural and the unknown many times in the past, most recently with shows like [The Leftovers](series:862415), [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), [The Walking Dead](series:201193), [True Blood](series:200767), and others.

The next show you may want to check out if you're a fan of any of those above shows and enjoy having your mind blown on a weekly basis is [The Messengers](series:1232393).

Check out this sneak peek below:

Pupils be dilatin' out here

It appears there is some force that causes instantaneous loss of pulse - not to mention, pupils that go from normal size to gigantic. Whatever this force is, I'm sure we won't find that out for quite some time. As typical of this type of show, mysteriousness is an incredibly key element.

But wait, so these fools are actually still alive?

I thought they died! They didn't die, though! Wow.

Funniest line, in my opinion, from the trailer

As a naked man approaches him, the repair man responds to the situation with what I believe to be a truly amazing response. Wearing a slight grin, he utters "I'm definitely callin' the cops bro". Great line, great directing, and great acting. Of course the naked guy ends up with the repairman's outfit. Lord knows what he'll use that disguise for.

Person number one is a preacher

Literally born again, this guy is going to bring a religious element into this show. He wakes up with a change of heart, apparently, in his ideology.

Person number two is a scientist, obviously

How could you not have a scientist on this show? Gotta have someone who's capable of figuring out what the hell happened.

Person number three is a mother

We got a mom up in here, y'all! AND I think her daughter is affected, but eventually comes back to life.

Person number four is a son

According to this trailer, this little guy gets his fair share of beatings. The bullying, I'm sure, will lead to some type of sweet, sweet revenge somewhere down the line, though.

Person number five is a fugitive

This dude was getting arrested when the thing happened, and then he went ahead and freed himself... or so I think. It's unclear. However, he is the most enticing character in my mind based on this trailer.

Aliens or angels? If this has any sort of the same kind of success that shows like [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and [The Originals](series:833141) and [Supernatural](series:200506) have, then it's probably going to be The CW's next big hit show. Check out [The Messengers](series:1232393), premiering April 10.


Which 'The Messengers' character's story entices you the most?


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