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Home alone is without a doubt one of the greatest, feel good, family films ever! But it is now 25 years old! And I want to know what the cast looks like and whats happened since, do you?

If you need a recap on the classic family flick, check out the trailer below:

Catherine o'hara A.k.a Kevin's mother, got exposure as an actor from Home alone, Previously appearing in Beetle juice (Tim Burton) O'Hara had obviously impressed him, as she then reunited with him to appear in The Night before Christmas and Frankenweenie .

John heard who played Kevins father in home alone, Has over 150 acting credits. Heard appeared in a few films from Big to Awakenings. He then appeared in Home alone and since then has popped up in The Sopranos, CSI Miami, Prison Break, And even Sharknado (Not really something you'd want people to know)

Devin Ratray also known as the ignorant brother of Kevin's. Before Devin made his name in Home alone he appeared in Little monsters, Worth winning and Dennis the Menace. Since then he as shown his face in hit drama Nebraska and RIPD. Devin also plays in a band Little bill and the Beckleys.

Joe pesci, The Joe pesci. He plays half of the creepy couple 'The wet bandits' as Harry in homealone. Joe during the 80s and 90s was a highlight name in Hollywood. Winning an Oscar for Martin Scorsese's 'Goodfellas'. In 1999 Joe announced his retirement from acting, to focus on music. Since then he hasn't really made a dent on our screens.

Daniel played the other half of the 'Wet bandits' as clumbsy, clueless Marv. Since home alone he has played a level game in the acting world, appearing in films such as whip it, The next three days, and the TV series Manhattan.

Now Macaulay Culkin, The child star of the 90s. Culkin appeared in 1994's Richie rich, after which he starved himself from our screens. 2003 saw Culkin appear in Party monsters and Will and Grace, and in 2010 he was credited for a voice over roll in Robot Chicken. Although culkin has found his calling as the lead of a Velvet underground, Pizza themed Cover band.

John Hughes unfortunately died in 2009 aged 59.


What is your favorite John Hughes Film?


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