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I am one of many who are ready to see more female lead superhero movies or at least more female heroes to join the Avengers. So I made of list of a few characters, I'd like to see pop up soon.

1. Rescue

Honestly I'm shocked this hasn't happened yet. Sure they TRIED it in Iron Man 3....for ten seconds. Personally, I think it would make sense for one of the events such as the Infinity War or maybe in Civil war, we see Pepper suit up and fight evil. I like Pepper, I like Paltrow as her, and I think this needs to happen. Marvel likes to milk Iron Man as much as possible so you might as well make a spin-off.

2. She-Hulk

Question. WHY HASN'T THIS HAPPENED ALREADY! I've wanted her since Phase 1. I like this character more than the male counterpart. Jennifer Walters is not only extremely sexy, but she is very likable and a complete awesome hero when she wants to be. Out of all the characters I will put on this list, this is the one I want to see the most. Rachel Weisz as She-Hulk and I am a happy customer!

3. Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)

IF the supposed deal between Marvel and Sony is true, then I would like to see the version where my favorite romance for Spider-Man isn't killed off AND she becomes an awesome superhero. Shame it probably won't be Emma Stone though. Ah well, I can see Teresa Palmer as this version of Gwen.

Do you agree with any of these characters? Let me know in the comments!


Which of these heroines do you want to see the most?


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