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A few days ago I wouldn't have called myself a Twi-Hard, but when Moviepilot first asked me to write about an early Blu-Ray release of the The Twilight Saga: Extended Editions, I jumped at the opportunity. Mostly because my fascination with the series has been never-ending; having never criticized the series in a severe manner like many haters, nor really followed the franchise as supportively as hardcore fans, a curious interest in the series still lingered. Checking out the deleted scenes added into the Twilight Triple Feature of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse set for release on January 13th, the blu-ray set was just the ticket to making me a Twi-Hard fan. Why? Let me count the ways:

5. Three Movies Together

As a fan of any major franchise, it's fun to collect the merchandise and DVD sets. The Twilight Triple Feature allows you to have all three movies together - in one set. Have no fears of digging through your dvd collection to watch them. Have Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse on hand to give a mini-marathon with your friends over the weekend.

4. Fall in Love All Over Again

To be fair, if you're only a spectator of the Twilight series like I once was and didn't quite understand the hype behind Bella and Edward, the extended editions allow for more storyline - which means more time for Bella and Edward to lust after each other, which in turn, makes us root for them.

3. Consistent Editing

Ever get that feeling when you're watching a movie, especially one that is adapted from a best-selling book, and notice that some things are missing or off. Well, the extended editions include scenes that had been left on the cutting room floor - so little scenes that feel out of alignment previously are now lovingly restored in a more consistent order. Pretty sweet!

2. More dialogue from the books

As fans of any major Young Adult franchise are aware of, plenty of scenes and dialogue from the book can be removed or altered entirely for the movie adaptations. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile when important plot points or even little nuance homages to the novels are contorted from how we originally read them. Luckily, in the extended editions, more scenes and little lines of dialogue are included - so it makes for more complete adaptations.

1. More Brooding Edward

There's no hiding that actor Robert Pattinson (who portrayed Edward Cullen) playfully mocked the series in interviews and promo shoots when each installment was released into theaters. It's only more entertaining to see the British star put on his best brooding face when Bella is in danger or he is facing the Volturi all shirtless and sparkling. Who doesn't want to have more brooding Edward or Jacob randomly taking off his shirt and showing off that extraordinary six pack? Oh, everyone - forever.

Make sure to get your copy of the Twilight Saga Extended Editions today!


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