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As I sit here, attempting to think of a decent article, something shocking, maybe something filled with facts people wont know, or some news about some big movie that will, for the most part be conjecture until an official announcement, my mind keeps wandering. I can sit here, close my eyes and ignore the world. Free to just float my wicked pen, I could think of a million superhero facts. I could crawl into my little nightmare world and just tell you to bugger off. But I'm not doing that, you know why? Because all that my mostly useless mind can muster is just how willing we are to accept the current state of entertainment. The dumbed down and watered horrors of a Michael Bay film or the mindless and nauseating result of some genius realizing that making a horror movie cheap means that it HAS to be in that pointless stupid documentary style.

I believe it is important for out films to have some kind of meaning and intelligence behind them, and we embrace the ignorance or ignore the meaning. Look at the top grossing films for the last couple years. Littered with sequels and adaptions, barely a decent original film in sight. Its not because there's a lack of inspiration or imagination out there, but those who make the decisions to finance these wonders of escapism and occasional uncomfortable truth are only interested in making money off of you. There is a multitude of incredible talent out there, who could elevate what nowadays seems to be just another business. I'm sorry, but films are a piece of art and should be treated as such, not just bilge for the dotting masses.

It takes talent to put together a cohesive film, a certain artistic flair, not all people are born with these talents, but a great many are rejected from this bias industry because they don't know the right people to get famous. And those that put that talent to use can create beautiful portraits of human existence or raise the uncomfortable questions , but are ignored because the studio is afraid of losing money on an "unknown". But in ignoring these people, we are dooming ourselves to never finding the next great director. Or the next genre breaking or defining film. We are merely content with being told what entertainment is and examining it on sites such as this. For every famous director there are thirty out there just as good or better.

If my plea is lost on the internet, fine, but this is important, if you think so or not. This could impact our economy in a huge way, this could expand the minds of millions of people worldwide, this could be the start of a new era if we let it be. It is usually the artists that give inspiration to the masses, been that way sense before Rome. Let these companies know you demand something better, and not just the sludge they create to sell films. We could change this broken system. I am not asking you to boycott, or intimidate, please spend money on films, but think before you do. Show them there should be no money in films that treat us as sheep.

Now I take my leave for the moment, I shall be back with a more standard article, however this is a message that must be got out.

Sam MG


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