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Recently, comic book television has been dominating the eyeballs of americans everywhere. I have compiled list of great TV show ideas for the future.


1) Nova (Corps)

This would be kind've like another Agents of Shield... just in space. It would star John C. Reilly's character and a couple recruits for the Nova corps. It could also star either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander (or both...?). This would be a really cool way to expand the Cosmic wing of Marvel's cinematic universe.

2) Hawkeye

This series could be all about Clint Barton and Kate Bishop's partnership. It would be a copy of the best selling Marvel Now series, ideally. This could mean several good things: a) More screen time for Hawkeye, but not so much as to where he couldn't do films on the side, b) An open door to a Young Avengers movie, c.) a darn good show with lots of action and comedy. This could quite possibly be the best comic book television program that there is.

3) Darkhawk

Darkhawk is a relatively unknown character in the Marvel universe. He could potentially tie in with the Defenders or the Cosmic Wing. This character does not have an abundance of mythos on him as of now, but he's got potential to win the hearts of TV watchers everywhere.

4) Mockingbird/West Coast

Mockingbird exists in the Marvel Cinematic universe now, thanks to Agents of SHIELD. She is the ideal character to appear in her own series. And it doesn't have be her own series, really. Mockingbird could pave the way to a West Coast Avengers.

5) Moonknight

Moonknight is one of Marvel's most promising heroes in general. Not just for TV. If you haven't read my previous article about Moonknight, you most definitely should. I'm astonished that he was not picked for the Netflix/Defenders wing... but, not all is said or done there. We'll see...


1) Zatanna

Zatanna has the perfect status for a comic book TV series. She is incredibly popular amongst fans, but not too well known in general. Not only is she incredibly cool, but she is an incredibly versatile character (having ties with the Justice League, Justice League Dark, and Teen Titans). If she were to have a series it could possibly tie in with Arrow, Flash, Constantine, or Titans. I believe that a Zatanna TV show would do incredibly well. And, hopefully, this could bring us a live action Doctor Fate as a cameo or supporting character.

2) Hawkman

Hawkman has been one of DC's most popular character for decades. He would fit right into the Arrowverse. It doesn't look hopeful that he will appear in the DCCU anytime soon, so this is our best bet to get a live action version of Hawkman. I would love to see him start out as a recurring character on the Flash and then bud into a solo character on his own program.

3) Plastic Man

Plastic Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. And, unfortunately, he's kind've been getting shat on in recent history. DC is now almost four years into it's company wide reboot, and we still haven't really seen him, except for one brief nod. He could also debut on the Flash. My idea is that Eel O'Brien is a criminal in Central City, and Flash accidentally knocks him into a vat of chemicals. Or Flash could accidentally expose Eel to some kind of experiment being done by STAR Labs, causing Eel to get his superpowers. This would make sense considering that Flash (in the show) is inexperienced still. Any direction they take will be a better direction than is being taken now. With this, at least, he will have some more time in the spotlight.

4) Arkham: The 19th Century

With Gotham's success, I find it hard to believe that this show wouldn't do well. It would take place way back in the 1800's, when Arkham Asylum first begins. Chronicling the life of Amadeus Arkham, and his descent into madness, all while trying to treat madness, this show could be a really cool open door to other shows (All-Star Western/Jonah Hex). And, it would be a prequel to a prequel, isn't that a hoot.

5) Black Lighting and Blue Devil (Black And Blue?)...

This is a major underdog, and it's very possible that it wouldn't do very well. But, we can hope, can't we? The best hope for this to happen would be if there was a "DC Presents..." television show. But... My thoughts on these guys are that they are two heroes with great potential who have shown to work really well together in the New 52. If, by some miracle, a big network decided to go with an underdog like this, I think we'd have a really cool show on our hands.

Thank's for reading folks. Tell what you thought in the comments and follow me!


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