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Erica Marie Lee Pagan

Ok I'm sure you guys have all heard the rave reviews of this new hit maker on Fox that not only was created by the mindOf Lee Daniels (The Butler) but also has the musical genius Timberland making the sound of this show come to life and gives people hope that there is actually great music as well as actual great television programing.

Now if you don't know, 10 years ago the stars of this soon to be (in my opinion) critically acclaimed show, came a great movie called "Hustle and Flow" in 2005. Im not going to even spoil the movie for you because its so good i want you to see if for yourself. So go and leave this post, watch Hustle and Flow and come back. I will wait......

Ok are you back? Great, now that you seen the grittiness and the on screen love that Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson share, I guarantee just seeing them in the same room again after ten years brings back that sense of nostalgia and excitement for their noticeable chemistry.

Besides that there is an all star cast from Malik Yoba (New York Under Cover), Gabourney Sidibe (Precious and AHS: Coven/Freak Show), Tasha Smith (Why did I get married) and don't get me started on the cameos that are set to appear. All i can say is that this show is star-studded

Also if you want to delve deeper into the show you can download all the music featured on the show from ITunes and Amazon to enjoy way after the show ends and relive the moments while listening the the unique sounds that this soundtrack brings.

I personally haven't been this excited after a pilot for a long time. I can't wait to see what this all star cast is going to deliver to me every Wednesday on Fox. Let all cross our fingers for a season 2.


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