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A new image has been released by 'Khan Sandeberg' a small time Australian Entertainment YouTube know for making Short series' in video games and is now making a movie based on 'sons of anarchy' in the game 'Grand theft auto 5'. Little has been released but here is what has been released: The Movie is set in the fictional state of 'San Andreas' in Grand theft auto 5, The movie continues a day after the ending of sons of anarchy and Follows the San andreas motorcycle chapter's leader and his struggles with bringing the club to the top.

According to Khan sandeberg's: 'khanimax Entertainment' Facebook Page: "The movie it's self will begin Production in February 2015", They continue to say "we are requiring people to Be in the movie; the only requirement being that they have a copy of Grand theft auto 5 on PC"."we are planning on getting the movie released before September 2015 although it does depend on Support we get"

They are also offering to anyone that is able to Advertise the movie a definite chance to be mentioned in the credits and possibly in the movie itself (if possible)...

for more details visit it's Facebook page:


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