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Just when I think I've seen some of the most creative cosplay out there, I'm proven wrong by another insanely talented and awesome fan. Today's daily dose of awesome comes from the cosplayer Nyima-chan.

I've seen a lot of TARDIS and even a Millennium Falcon cosplay here and there, but I'm struggling to find proper words to describe how great this Stargate cosplay is (kawoosh included), so let's all just take a look:


Ahhhhhh! Between her hair, the design of the dress, and the intricate designs in the gate, it has to be one of the most original costumes I've seen in a very long time.

If you're wondering what this glorious costume is made out of, Nyima-chan said on her DeviantArt page that the fabrics are "one layer silk and one layer organza" while the gate is constructed out of:

Lots of materials like plastic tube, polifoam, cardboard, craft foam, plastic paper file, string, filler, wood glue and lots of other glues... The whole gate is 5.5 kg, so it's not too heavy.

Not too heavy, eh? So that means that, hypothetically speaking, she could mail this to me and let me borrow it for like one week or maybe forever, tops. Please?

Which fandom do you choose to dress up from when you hit the Comic-Con scene? Let me know in the comments section. And, as always, leave pictures if you're feeling extra generous!


Do you go as hard as Nyima-chan when you cosplay?

(Via: Kotaku)


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