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The Avengers Age Of Ultron trailer dropped today and i was lucky enough to be eating some tacos at a place that had a huge T.V screen and it just played right there. I was in awe at what i was seeing although a lot of it might be rehash from what we've seen already there was some new stuff. I was actually happy to see its actually Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armor and not Ultron controlling it. I went in depth in a previous article as to why this fight might be breaking out in an older article you can find here though that might change. There was just enough new stuff to keep us guessing again as well as new mysteries for us to try and solve.

We were treated to many more shots of Ultron unfortunately not enough dialogue to satisfy me. The monologues in the first trailer really made it nonetheless this trailer was amazing as well just wish for a new monologue from Ultron. This isn't saying though i didn't appreciate the trailer because i absolutely loved it as it had me questioning more what was going to go down in this movie which is great! I've been writing multiple articles on this movie just trying to guess whats going to happen as i know many of us do, yet there's something new every time. This trailer is no exception to that with so much action in it there was just as much mystery so lets start with that!

There's a scene with Hawkeye leading many civilians in what seems to be Ultron's chaos into this giant futuristic vehicle. The question is what is the purpose of these and who exactly is behind them? My question is just how many of these do they have and do they really stand a chance against Ultron and his bots?

It's more than safe to assume that Andy Serkis will be playing Black Panther's great enemy Klaw. The question though is who is Klaw looking and pointing that gun at. It looks like hes very angered or frightened at whomever that might be, my guess its his first encounter with Ultron whose obviously come to Wakanda in search of the Vibranium.

We know the Marvel Universe has already expanded into the cosmic sides of things with Guardians Of The Galaxy but when will see the Magical side of things? That my friends might just happen in Age Of Ultron because from the looks of the still my guess is that lightning could be from one Stephen Strange A.K.A Doctor Strange. We all know his movie isn't out till next year but this would be a pretty good way to set him up, i mean hes already been introduced in Winter Soldier. This would be a great way to give the Doctor a bit more of story before we see him in his own movie. It could also just be Scarlet Witch but i highly doubt that but who knows. What do you think?

Why are the Science Bro's going at it?! That's a question iv'e been asking myself since i first saw the trailer last year. I came to many conclusions but now this new trailer could be shedding some new light and its all in Hulk's eyes. They are the same color as Scarlet Witch could this be a scheme by Ultron who has the twins teamed up with him. I mean why else would Bruce go up against Tony or is there something missing we haven't seen?

The final moment i wanted to share and probably the most talked about the whole trailer, who is that woman?! I mean many of ideas have crossed through my head but i think iv'e settled on one possible name. I'm talking about Moondragon as iv'e seen many others have come to that conclusion as well. It may be a stretch but it could actually work having her be introduced so early on. I will elaborate on that in another article because it be too much for this article so stay tuned for that!

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