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The new [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) trailer has dropped! It's action packed and absolutely thrilling!

Missed it? Check it out here:

The trailer does a great job of keeping the film's secrets, however a few new things are seen in the trailer that might be super important.

1. Ulysses Klaw's necklace

At this point I'm fairly certain that Andy Serkis is playing Ulysses Klaw, a villain of Black Panther's. What makes me so sure? Well...

Need a closer/more illuminated look at that collar?

That necklace can't be coincidence. It looks exactly like one of Black Panther's claws! I don't think Ulysses bought a massive cat claw on eBay recently. I'd say it's much more likely that Klaw had a hand in killing the leader of Wakanda, the current Black Panther. This might result in a certain someone seeking vengeance or help. Klaw is certainly running from that person. Who are they? I cannot say.

Who's the mysterious woman?

Some people are saying that the mysterious woman in the trailer is the younger sister of T'Challa A.K.A. Black Panther.

I have a different theory. Which brings us to the second reveal: The woman isn't T'Challas sister. In fact, she isn't even from Earth at all. I have a feeling Ultron is trying to level his playing field by taking out the heavies. The heavies being Hulk and Thor. Hulk might get taken out by the you see here, it appears as though Scarlett Witch is controlling Hulk. Look at the eyes!

Is he being controlled by the Scarlett Witch?
Is he being controlled by the Scarlett Witch?

As for the God of Thunder, Ultron is known in the comics for teleporting Thor off world. I have a feeling Thor is sent to another of the 9 realms. Or maybe he just goes himself, searching for answers on how to defeat Ultron.

2. What Does Scarlet Witch Show Thor in Avengers 2?

The realm Thor goes to/is sent to is Vanaheim. Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir gods, who are like Asgardians but with more mysticism and sorcery. They are also widely recognized for their talent to predict the future.

Let's go back to the pool with the mysterious naked woman. She's removing her clothes. Have we seen anyone else naked in that pool? YES WE HAVE!

Thor enters this pool in search of answers. What is this pool? It's actually a well: The Well of Wyrd. We're getting into some Norse mythology here folks...

Wyrd is a Norse word that translates to mean "fate." It's also considered a feminine noun, often associated with women. In Marvel comics, Vanaheim is a realm rarely visited. We saw it briefly in Thor 2 as Thor and Malekith were crossing back and forth between worlds. Marvel could be using this woman as a guide of sorts for Thor to reach the Well of Wyrd, so that he might see into the future and learn how to stop Ultron. What he actually sees is something different entirely.

I believe that Thor will enter the well and see not Ultron, but RAGNAROK itself! This will give us a little tease at Thor 3. Also, it gives a reason as to why Thor might be screaming in the well. It must be frightening to be immortal and witness your own death.

We also see Thor being hit with lightning, which appears to be hurting him. Since he's the god of thunder, I think there's some sorcery at play here. Also, check out the girl in the back! Another guide? Or something else?

Now for the third reveal. This one ties into the above picture again. TWO REVEALS IN ONE IMAGE! DOUBLE PRIZES!

Check out the symbols on the wall. We've seen those before believe it or not...

In Captain America: The First Avenger! Here's a closer look at both...

Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger


Age of Ultron trailer
Age of Ultron trailer

The symbols are identical. What does this mean? Well, the symbols certainly look a lot like snakes. In Norse mythology that points right to the Midgard Serpent. Jormungand is the name of the serpent, and there is a Norse prophecy that the Thunder God, Thor, will battle the Midgard Serpent during the "Twilight of the Gods," a.k.a. Ragnarök, after it surfaces from the ocean and does terrible damage. Although the god will successfully kill the creature, he will only walk nine steps before dying from the wounds carrying its deadly poison.

So, Thor may have seen the future of his own death? That's not exactly the biggest reveal, since reveal #2 is basically the same thing...


3. Remember Red Skull?

Yep him. In Captain America 1, he is searching for the Tesseract. For what purpose? Throughout the film we assume it is to build weapons. After years, it's possible we see Red Skull's true motive. He never cared about building guns or bombs. He was trying to awaken the Midgard Serpent!

Not wanting to reveal his true plans, he brought Arnim Zola on board to contain the energy from the cube under the impression that Zola would help him build weapons. He did, but I don't think Red Skull ever really wanted this. He is quoted saying things like, "We have harnessed the power of the Gods." A man as smart as Red Skull must not want the power of the Gods to build guns, as guns are a lowly creation of man. Skull knew that the power of the cube could bring the serpent to Earth! However, after failed experiments with Zola, Skull may have given up on that idea and resorted to just using the tesseract guns.

Midgard Serpent
Midgard Serpent

Remember when he first finds the cube? He sees the serpent in the wall and knows immediately what to do. How did he know the eye was a button? Or that the snake itself hid the tesseract? Red Skull knew the tesseract was the key to bringing the serpent to Midgard, and he meant to use it.

The cube acts like a doorway, and the doors open on both sides
The cube acts like a doorway, and the doors open on both sides

Remember what happens to people when shot with the guns powered by the cube? They just poof into nothing. They're gone. Not like blown apart, just gone. They aren't being killed! They're being teleported! The cube acts like a doorway, and the doors open on both sides. I think when we finally see the Midgard Serpent, we'll also see a bunch of Hydra agents, WW2 soldiers, old tanks, and even Red Skull himself! I think Red Skull didn't know this, and only makes the discovery when he himself is teleported by the cube.

dat cube.
dat cube.

When Red Skull is teleported away, we have no idea as to where. I think now we know he may have been brought right to the Midgard Serpent. Does this mean we'll see him in Thor 3? I sure hope so!


So there you have it! Ulysses Klaw wears Black Panther's claw around his neck, Thor sees the future and witnesses Ragnarok, and Red Skull is alive and tried to bring the Midgard Serpent to Earth.

That's a lot to swallow I'm sure. Do you agree with the reveals/theories? I want to know! Comment below, but keep it civil! I realize these theories might be a little crazy, so I want to debate them with other people!



Which reveal makes you most excited for Avengers: Age of Ultron!?


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