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Okay, so it's fair to say that movies based on videogames haven't exactly had a stellar track record - no thanks to the adaptation antichrist Uwe Boll - but I'd like to think that 2015 will finally be our year for a decent one!

My rejuvenated enthusiasm has mostly been restored by this fantastic collection of prospective posters, made by some super talented fans out there! These posters are incredibly impressive, but they're just missing the actual movie part to accompany them.

While we wait, here are the best videogame posters that need to get the production go ahead!


We've been waiting so long for Fallout 4, I wouldn't be surprised to see a movie before a new game!

[Source: rondus18]

Ocarina of Time

Oh how I've dreamed about seeing Hyrule stunningly rendered on the big screen. Please make this happen.

[Source: marinkoillustration]

Half Life 2: Episode 2

This stunning piece of art seems to take inspiration from A New Hope's poster, and that's a very good thing.

[Source: a scoop of melon]


I'm not so sure if Valve's puzzle/platformer would make a great basis for a feature film, but this beautiful artwork is sure convincing me otherwise.

[Source: Ian Wilding]


Unfortunately this project has since been put on hold, but I can still look longingly at this poster and pretend my dream is coming true!

[Source: stefeyboy]

Shadow of the Colossus

Miyazaki meets videogames? I'm intrigued.

[Source: iwilding]

L.A. Noire

Rockstar's neo-noir adventure game was so cinematic, it was practically a movie in the first place! But I'd still welcome a full-on adaptation.

[Source: AKADoom]

Mass Effect

The epic Mass Effect series has been begging for a film version since it first debuted in 2007. How much longer do we have to wait!

[Source: via]

Mario Kart / Drive

The franchise crossover you never would have expected. I can't quite picture Mario bashing dudes' heads in with a hammer whilst listening to synthy pop beats, but I would pay to make this happen!

[Source: MisterHipp]



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