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With yesterday's release of a brand new, shiny, action-packed Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, it'd be easy to spend the whole of today just watching Iron Man and the Hulk pound on each other over, and over, and over again.

And, in fairness, I probably will do that.

There's also, though, a whole lot of stuff hidden in that there trailer - and here at Moviepilot, we sure do hate stuff staying hidden. Jim Galizia's already broken down some of the trailer's key reveals right here, but there's one thing that still that's got everyone here at Moviepilot puzzling over every frame.

Just Who Is That Mystery Woman?

Y'know - the one at around the 0:33 mark in the trailer below...

Yup. This one...

Well, we have a few theories - first up...

1. She's From Wakanda

And, not just that - she might even be Wakandan royalty. After all, the presence of the increasingly (classic Black Panther villain) Ulysses Klaw-seeming Andy Serkis in the trailer suggests that Wakanda may well be making a full-blown appearance in Age of Ultron - and if so, we might actually be getting our first glimpse of the Wakandan royal family.

Could our mystery woman be (original Black Panther, and soon to be played by Chadwick Boseman) T'Challa's sister, Shuri? After all, in the comics she's acted as the Black Panther in her own right - could she even be the MCU's original Panther?

2. She's Not of This World

Specifically, she's got something to do with Thor - and Asgard. As Jim Galizia suggested, our mystery woman might just be standing in the Well of Wyrd, in the mystical realm of Vanaheim. Which, as he suggests, might just mean that we're catching a glimpse of Thor's mysterious disappearance from the Avengers (as revealed in last year's leaked clip of Cap and Iron Man arguing).

After all, we have seen him naked in a pool of water in the previous trailer...

That, though, suggests even more plot is being revealed than we previously expected. What if, though, we're instead being teased with an appearance from an established Marvel superhero?

After all, the woman could be...

3. The Superhero Jocasta

Which might seem a long shot, seeing as the comic-book Jocasta is very much an android - and looks it.

That being said, though - seeing as she's also an android constructed by Ultron, it's not actually quite so far out of the realms of possibility as it might initially seem.

Could she instead, though, be...

4. The Superhero Moondragon

A supremely powerful telepath - as well as a talented martial artist, and all-around genius - Moondragon is a relatively unknown Marvel hero, but one with a whole lot of back-story.

And, seeing as much of her recent history heavily involves both Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy - and that she is perhaps best known for having a shaven head - it doesn't seem impossible that we've just had our first look at her on screen.

Our final contender, though, is a little more out there...

5. Thanos' Paramour, Death Herself

That's right - we might be looking at Death herself.

The logic? Thanos is, in the comics at least, so obsessed with Death that he's actually in love with her. And, this being Marvel, she actually exists as the physical embodiment of the abstract concept.

So, if Avengers: Age of Ultron is looking to cue up Infinity War (and you have to imagine it is) then she could well be the cameo we're looking for...

The big question, though? What do you guys think?


Who's the mystery woman in the Age of Ultron trailer?



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