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In the 14 months since [Frozen](movie:411685) was released we've seen a lot of different interpretations of what is fast becoming the latest classic Disney film. Song covers, cosplay and fanfic, we've had it all. But today I came across one type of Frozen fan art that I haven't yet seen: Frozen as comic book characters.

Yes, we've seen a lot of Frozen fan art over the last months, but this one is different! The art work is a huge collaborative effort, take a look at the creative process and view the entire finished thing at the bottom:

The art work was originally drawn in pencil by Chris Williams

Williams says that the composition was inspired by J. Scott Campbell's cover art for the "Fall of the Hulks" book.

It was then inked over by Inker-guy.

Finally it was colored by freelance comic artist Sean Ellery.

The Australian comic artists says that he saw the inked version of Williams' sketch and had to color it in. He plans on getting the image printed and framed for his three-year-old granddaughter who is obsessed with the film.

Amazing effort, and fantastic to see such a great collaboration between so many talented artists!


Do you like the comic-i-fied Frozen?

Source: Geek Tyrant


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