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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sound has an intense effect on our senses - try turning off the sound on a horror movie and you'll soon stop being afraid. It's admirable that SFX designers and composers are able to create effects and eerie music to get us scared, but some of the most creepiest sounds ever recorded were created naturally...

Turn up the volume, turn off the lights, and listen...

1. The Aztec Death Whistle

This is what the ancients played to their human sacrifices before driving a blade into their chests. Think about that for a second.

2. The First Ever Sound Recording

The first ever sound recording, made in 1860 by Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville and his phonautograph. This is meant to be a jolly recording of a woman singing 'Au clair de la lune,' but the distortion makes it the song of nightmares.

3. The Weepy-Voiced Killer

Serial killer Paul Michael Stephani dialled 911 to report his terrible crimes...

4. UVB-76

The mysterious Russian radio station, created for purposes unknown. Around 1.14 you can hear a woman scream...

5. Saturn breaks the Silence of Space

This recording is made up of sounds transmitted from Saturn, by what scientists think are meteoroids hitting the ice in Saturn's rings. Listen from 1.33 for the sound as transmitted, and from 2.13 to hear it raised in pitch (a small adjustment which makes the already freaky noises sound a lot more like... voices...

6. Lost in Space

This female Russian astronaut was lost in space in 1961. Her last words are devastating, particularly around 1.52 where she screams, 'I SEE FLAMES!! I SEE FLAMES!!'


Did these creepy sounds freak you out?

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