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This year, we're finally getting another full-size, live-action Star Wars film. Something we've been waiting for since 1983, and if you try and tell me otherwise then I will find you, and I will kill you. Ahem... but anyway, with the hype starting to ramp up, courtesy of us having seen a trailer, and December not being able to get here fast enough, let's take a look at five reasons it will probably be awesome.


You've been missed, Luke, welcome home
You've been missed, Luke, welcome home

Star Wars is one of those rare gems that has stood the test of time since our childhoods. Nothing else really sets our imaginations on fire the same way as lightsabers and the Millenium Falcon, nothing quite screams "villain" like Darth Vader, no-one represents the everyday man becomes hero as well as Luke Skywalker, and no-one is (or ever can be) as cool as Han Solo. There are many critiques of the original trilogy, and while a good amount of them are valid, the fact is that no-one noticed them the first time around because it so effectively transported us to another galaxy. A much more interesting galaxy. We were too absorbed by the iconic themes, the engaging characters and the stunning special effects that still hold up today. So while 'Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens' may not be able to reach that level (although here's hoping) it's got to be pretty hard to not make at least a prety damn good film with all of those things handed to them on a platter.

2) A New Story

You bet your ass I will
You bet your ass I will

Part of what makes the prequels so bad is that we all knew where the story was going. That's not to say that a prequel can't work, case in point; 'X-Men: First Class' and 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' among others. But it does make it diffucult to create an organic and engaging narrative as it has to focus on making the journey from point A to point B interesting whereas Star Wars Episode 7 has the advantage of just needing to make us interested in what point B is and get away with it.

It also gives this film and it's sequels the chance to tell a more organic story and go in interesting new directions that we haven't seen before, which is always a bonus. I mean, assuming that John Boyega's character really is a Stormtrooper - which he pretty much definitely is - then we're getting to see life from an imperial recruits point of view. So consider me totally on board for that.

3) No Expanded Universe

This one may make me a little unpopular but that doesnt't change that this is a smart move by Disney. No, I'm not saying that the Expanded Universe is bad but it has it's place, and that place is not in conjunction with the films. Because let's face it, the EU is bloated, inconsistent and contains far too many stories to lump into the backstory of a film. Anything they included would then have to be explained for the film again anyway, so they might as well take a clean slate for the new trilogy and incorporate elements that they like. The EU has tonnes of great stories, and those are just of the ones that I've read, but these movies need to forge their own canon in order to tell an interesting and streamlined story that isnt bogged down by another canon they have no control over.

4) New Lightsabers

Damn that's awesome
Damn that's awesome

No, this doesn't technically make the film "good" but what it does do is make the film cool. I can watch any film where a sith using a crossblade lightsaber duels a jedi with a whipsaber. Even though the latter is me making things up, even Darth Maul managed to be awesome in 'The Phantom Menace' even though his whole character was "sith guy with double lightsaber". Speaking of the crossblade lightsaber, what's with all the negativity? I mean, no it isn't practical at all, but since when was Star Wars at all about practicality?

I showed the trailer to my seven year old cousin and that new lightsaber made his day. In fact it made his week. Which is what this is all about right? Setting kids imagination's on fire. When we see a new saber, the question to ask isn't "Would I use that in combat?". The question to ask is "Do I want the life size toy?". And I really want a life size crossblade lightsaber replica.

5) A non George Lucas STAR WARS

Just imagine...
Just imagine...

I liked everything about the teaser trailer we saw. So much so that even though I'm not a fan of most of JJ Abrams' previous work I immediately got on board with this film. No, it didn't prove in any way that the film will be good, but it showed positive indications. I like the new Stormtrooper kit, I like the emphasis on practical effects, I like the new style of camera work, I like the cuts to black, I like the new lightsaber, I like John Boyega popping into frame, and how could I not love the Falcon flying to John Williams epic score?

I never even realised how much I'd missed the old girl. So while we don't know much at all about the story of the film, what we can gather implies that we're seeing an interesting look at the grey area between the Empire and Rebels in the aftermath of the war. Which sounds like a bold yet brilliant move.

Wrapping Up...

So those were five reasons to start getting excited for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) way too early. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Either way, you know exactly where the comments section is. So until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


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