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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sure, Norman Bates and his mother's motel of murder has set the bar high for creepy guesthouse gorefests - but real life has got some equally nasty surprises in store...

Check out 5 creepy hotel horrors worse than Bates' Motel...

1. H.H. Holmes' Horror Hotel

Hotel: The Castle, Chicago

Date: Apprehended November 17, 1894

H.H. Holmes seemed nothing more than an eccentric business man - until the hotel he'd erected to cash in on tourist trade for the Chicago World Fair turned out to be a grisly labyrinth of horrors. Holmes employed several different builders and architects so that only he would know the true layout of his murderous hotel, including rooms designed to asphyxiate their occupants, secret passages and corpse-disposal cellars...

2. The Murderous Prince

Hotel: The Landmark Hotel, London

Date: 2010

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, an incredibly wealthy Saudi Arabian Prince, was charged with GBH after brutally beating his manservant and submissive sex slave, Bandar Abdulaziz in the elevator of London's Landmark Hotel. Despite the incident being caught on the building's CCTV, the Prince escalated his violence to murder, killing Bandar in his hotel room, beating the man to death and leaving bite marks on his face. He was denied diplomatic immunity and faces life in prison in Britain.

3. The Towering Inferno

Hotel: The Winecoff Hotel, Atlanta

Date: 1946

In a Titanic-like boast, the designers of the Winecoff famously declared the hotel 'absolutely fireproof.' The tragic inaccuracy of this claim came to light during a catastrophic blaze that consumed the entire 16-story building. There were no fire escapes, sprinklers or alarms - 32 of the 119 people killed lost their lives jumping from the upper levels.

4. Don't Drink the Water

Hotel: Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles

Date: February 19, 2013

Canadian student Elisa Lam was allegedly suffering a bipolar episode on the night in February, 2013 when she was acting strangely at the Cecil Hotel. Lam disappeared, only to be found days later in the hotel's water tank after guests complained that their water tasted funny. Amazingly, a similar incident was reported by The Mirror in early 2015: aspiring actress Carmen Yarira Noriega Esparza was found in a water tank in Mexico City, 11 months after she was reported missing.

5. Deadly Structure

Hotel: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kansas City

Date: July 17, 1981

Hundreds of people eagerly anticipated the dance hosted by Kansas City's Hyatt Regency Hotel on July 17, 1981. Unfortunately for those in attendance, a fault in the hotel's design had rendered the building structurally unsound; the fourth floor collapsed under the weight of so many people, collapsing on top of people on the floors below. The rescue operation toiled for over 12 hours, and many injured in the wreckage were told they were going to die, and given morphine to ease their passing. 114 people died, making the Hyatt Regency disaster the worst American structural collapse of the 20th Century.


Have you ever stayed in a hotel that felt creepy?

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