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It's been a week of mixed emotions for us fans of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), on one hand our fave show was renewed for a seventh season (as well as [The Originals](series:833141) being renewed for a third season!), but on the other hand one of our favorite characters, Jeremy Gilbert, will soon be leaving Mystic Falls.

As of episode 14 of Season 6, Jeremy will be farewelled as a series regular as he goes off to art school. Hopefully the fact that he isn't, ya know, biting the dust, means that we'll at least get to see him a couple more times as a guest star.

Jeremy has been a big part of The Vampire Diaries throughout the whole history of the show, so it would be totally improper to let this member of the core cast go quietly into the night, so without further ado take a look back at Jeremy Gilbert's best moments on The Vampire Diaries, and feel free to add your own fave memories in the comments!

Season 1

Throughout Season 1 Jeremy was kind of an emo, though what do you expect when over the course of Season 1, two of his girlfriends were killed, he found out his sister was actually his cousin, and during all of this he was still getting over the death of his parents. It's not hard to see why he tried to kill himself and become a vampire after all that!

But aside from that, Jeremy Gilbert seemed like an alright kid, Elena's little brother who was a bit of a carefree stoner. Jeremy was just trying to live his life, ain't nothing wrong with that!

Season 2

In Season 2 Jeremy really started stepping up and becoming on of the more awesome characters on the show, not to mention he got the Gilbert ring which meant that he was able to come back from the dead, which turned out to be super handy because Jeremy was killed three times in Season 2. Aside from the ring Jeremy also got some sort of happiness when he and Bonnie kissed, and in the season finale Bonnie even confesses her love for him.

He also cut his hair which rocketed him up the hotness scale majorly.

Season 3

All of the times that the Gilbert ring had brought Jeremy back from the dead starts to take its toll and during Season 3, Jeremy seemed to have gained the ability to see his dead girlfriends. This gets him in trouble when he is caught kissing dead girlfriend Anna, and Bonnie finds out.

Unfortunately, Jeremy had another error in judgement in Season 3 and made friends with Kol, one of the Originals...

Season 4

In Season 4 Jeremy sort of became the enemy, but it was through no fault of his own! After being marked as a potential vampire hunter, Jeremy saved Elena's life by killing a vampire but in the process became a hunter intent on riding the world of all pesky vampires, including his sister and friends.

Oh, he also got super buff and gained a tattoo.

Season 5

During Season 5 Jeremy had to keep the ultimate secret about Bonnie's death by sending all her e-mails and postcards to her friends and family. Talk about a burden to carry! The whole season was pretty hard on Jeremy, but we did get to see this scene....

Season 6

With Jeremy and Matt living together this season it's been a real man cave, however it's clear to see Jeremy still isn't over Bonnie and is making bad choices in partners to try and hide his grief. Thankfully, showrunner Julie Plec has promised Jeremy will soon get his act together and apply for art school, so there's hope for the young Gilbert yet!


Are you sad Jeremy is leaving The Vampire Diaries?

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