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There's no denying it: Sigourney Weaver is a boss. I was always pretty sure she could kick my ass and solve world peace before breakfast, but after seeing the way she handles a flamethrower, I'm certain of it.

Ridley Scott's 1979 seminal sci-fi hit Alien established her as a dominant Hollywood force to be reckoned with. She settled into the feisty character of Ripley with aplomb, taking on the formidable titular beast with her sharp wits and trusty flame thrower.

It didn't look like it was her first time firing the molten-spewing weapon, and clearly it wasn't. This awesome behind-the-scenes photo shows her getting to grips with it on the lawn at Shepperton Studios' backlot. Check it out!

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How much fun does that look?! Though those trees look alarmingly close to the flame...

A remote switch was used to turn on the lighter inside the weapon, thereby making it active. According to the crew, once the flame thrower was lit, director Ridley Scott "liked to keep it that way." That sounds like the inflammatory Scott we know!

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Did you know: Despite it being such an iconic weapon in the Aliens franchise, the flame throwers are never once used against the alien in the first film! Chief Engineer Parker has a chance to do so, but he restrains himself out of fear of hitting Lambert by accident. However, Ripley does fire the weapon in the Director's Cut.


Can Sigourney Weaver get any more awesome?


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