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For the most part DC's cinematic universe hasn't had to deviate from the classic origins of its characters. How many times have we seen Bruce Wayne's parent's gunned down and baby Superman fleeing a destroyed Krypton? But [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s origins are far more complicated.

Originally Wonder Woman was molded out of clay (!) and brought to life by the Greek deities and raised by the Amazon sisterhood. This origin stuck up until a 2010 reboot of the character that saw her origins more along the lines of Superman's - having been sent to New York as a baby when her Paradise Island home was destroyed.

In 2011 the entire DC comic book universe got a reboot in the fashion of The New 52. And it is these origins that the producer for the Wonder Woman film, Charles Roven, has confirmed Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will adhere to.

In The New 52, Wonder Woman is the relatively more naturally born daughter of Zeus and Amazon Queen Hippolyta. Of course Zeus' wife, Hera doesn't take too kindly to this fact and it ends up causing all sorts of problems for her and her Amazon sisters.

Straight outta Amazon!
Straight outta Amazon!

While there is strong feminist support for her original birth - which required no male involvement whatsoever - there's something cinematic and relatable to a superhero with a more conflicted background. It may not be purist to have a Wonder Woman with daddy issues but there is something empowering in the way she overcomes them, even if it does mirror the origin of Hercules perhaps too closely.

The New 52 origins also does away with that implicitly non-cinematic invisible plane. Here she is given the power of flight with a little help from her friend Hermes - we'll see if this will be a development that the film takes advantage of as well.

What about those cuffs? Previously they were a pair of nice bullet (or any other thing) proof bracelets but now the cuffs are the one item that actually keep her God-like powers in check. Take them off and it is bad news for whatever foe is up in her grill.

Beware when the gloves - er, cuffs, come off!
Beware when the gloves - er, cuffs, come off!

And speaking of foes? While we may not see them in Batman vs Superman, what does Wonder Woman's rouges gallery look like? Well, Wonder Woman, in her own way, is a bit like a female version of Thor.

Replace the Norse mythology with Greek mythology and you have an idea of the friends and foes that surround her. So you have the likes of Hades, Poseidon and Apollo regularly showing up to try and dethrone Wonder Woman along with troublemakers like the appropriately named Nemesis and Minotaur.

How many different sea creatures make up this guy?
How many different sea creatures make up this guy?

So there are a lot of different choices and angles the film could take in establishing Wonder Woman's world. It's a rich history with a deep lineup of colorful characters to choose from.


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