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It's pretty clear that a lot of big things are gonna be happening for us geeks in the coming years. I mean, this year is going to be the year that really brings the comics to the big screen, starting off with Ultron. Then comes Civil War, the story that had Marvel's greatest heroes brawling against each other. After that comes Infinity War, Apocalypse, Justice League, and so many more. However, there are still a few major stories that haven't been announced yet, and could definitely work. These are the five that I think should be on the big screen.

The Death of Superman

Doomsday or Zod?
Doomsday or Zod?

This is the kind of story that could play out as a Man of Steel sequel. Doomsday needs to happen. He's one of those characters that all Superman fans have wanted to see on the big screen since the Death of Superman came out. Doomsday is terrifying, near unstoppable, dangerous, and one of the few people to ever kill Superman (sorta). Because of that, he became one of the most dangerous DC villains ever, so Warner Bros aren't going to be able to avoid him for long. He would totally raise the stakes for the movies. After all, he's Superman's killer. Stakes can't get much higher than that!

Also, there's been a theory going around about Doomsday's origins. Apparently, Lex Luthor is going to create him, but not from scratch. Doomsday is going to be...(cue drum roll)...ZOD!!!!!

Yeah, Lex is gonna make Doomsday by reanimating Zod's corpse. I personally think that this could be a really cool idea, but it pulls away from his awesome origins from the comics, which had him being sent off to multiple planets and killing everyone on them. Also, they gotta introduce Kryptonite before they bring in Doomsday. But there's no doubt we'll be seeing that in Dawn of Justice.


Illuminati confirmed!!
Illuminati confirmed!!

No, not that Illuminati!! Although, they're not that different from each other. This Illuminati was formed after the Kree-Skrull War, and was led by Iron Man. The founding members also included Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Namor, Professor X, and Black Panther. Tony started the Illuminati because he realized that if they all combined forces and used their intellect together, they could prevent a war like that from ever happening again. Many refused at first for various reasons, but in the end they all formed the Illuminati. Over the years, it developed into a government run by superheroes, which pulled the strings behind a lot of major Marvel stories, like Civil War and World War Hulk.

The Illuminati could fit perfectly in the MCU, especially if it comes after the events of Infinity War. Assuming that Thanos is going to massacre a lot of characters, the Illuminati would be the perfect response to preventing something like that from happening again. It would really raise the stakes for Phase 4.

House of M

No More Mutants!
No More Mutants!

Now this is a very interesting one. Scarlet Witch starts to go off the deep end and loses her mind as well as control over her reality-manipulating powers. The Avengers and X-Men alike team up to stop her, realizing that she's too dangerous to live. Quicksilver, being Wanda's brother, disagrees with this and tells Wanda to save them from their demise. This goes wrong, as she changes reality so that the mutants are no longer hiding, and are instead in control of the world, with Magneto as their ruler. Many of the former X-Men realize the world is not real, and launch an assault on Magneto. Once Magneto learns what Wanda did, he chooses the mutants over his family, which angers her and leads her to turn the world back to normal. But not before uttering the phrase "No More Mutants", and relieves almost all mutants of their powers.

If Fox ever introduces Scarlet Witch, this is something that definitely needs to become an X-Men movie. It would be the complete opposite to Days of Future Past, as one shows mutants facing extinction while the other shows them supreme over humans. It shows the one thing that Xavier has always been afraid would happen if Magneto's plans became a reality. And it'd be a good way to introduce some new characters, as well as expand on the family of Magneto.

Secret Invasion

Who Do You Trust?
Who Do You Trust?

After the events of the Kree-Skrull War, the Skrull's world was destroyed, and a change in leadership led them to invade Earth. They used Super Skrulls, genetically-altered Skrulls with DNA that could hold a variety of abilities, to take over and disguise as Earth's heroes and secretly take over the planet. It left the heroes who weren't replaced not knowing who they could trust. This eventually led to a rare occasion where heroes and villains worked side by side to defeat the common enemy. It was Norman Osborn who landed the final blow on the Skrull Queen, ending the invasion. Tony Stark took responsibility for the attack and stepped down as the leader of the Avengers, leaving Osborn to take the mantle. This led to the mini-series Dark Avengers, which is pretty self-explanatory.

This would be a great Avengers sequel to Infinity War, because it would be taking the terror of space right to their front doors. Plus, if it isn't the fact that heroes are turning into aliens that raises the stakes, it would be the alliance of every superpower on Earth, hero and villain alike. That movie would see a ton of money in the box office.

Infinite Crisis

Yes, I'm skipping the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is Geoff Johns' sequel to that, where the heroes try to reverse the collapse of the multiple worlds into one blended reality. This story had colossal effects for a lot of DC's major players. Batman's third Robin, Tim Drake, saw his father and Captain Boomerang die at each other's hands. Superboy sacrificed his life to defeat Superboy-Prime. This all continued until finally Alexander Luthor succeeded in creating 52 different parallel universes that wouldn't cross paths again for a long time.

It's something DC can't ignore for long, as it would be the equivalent to Marvel's upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. It'd combine all of DC's greatest characters for one gigantic extravaganza. It's something that could be used to bring them back in the movie business for good. And it could also combine the universes of the TV shows (Ex. Arrow) for a movie, which is something fans have been craving for a while now.

Well, it'll be a long time before any of the stories I've suggest could actually be considered or fit into the busy movie schedule. For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and beg the producers to make it happen!


Which of these stories do you wanna see happen?


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