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Written by Ravi Dhar and directed by John Fallon, American Muscle is an action packed, explosive thriller starring Nick Principe (Laid To Rest), Todd Farmer (Jason X) and Robin Sydney (Evil Bong). This film is not for the faint of heart, it is packed with betrayal, sex, drugs and revenge.

Nick Principe as John Falcon
Nick Principe as John Falcon

After spending 10 years in prison, John Falcon has 24 hours to get revenge on those responsible for setting him up. Many may say that the plot of this film has been done a 1,000 times, while that may be true, American Muscle stands above the rest. This film is Faster with the grit of a Tarantino flick, the best revenge film since Django Unchained.

Nick Principe was perfect for the role of John Falcon. His past in stunts and martial arts really came in handy with the large number of physical fight scenes. Principe is a highly underrated actor, the intensity he can bring to a role, not just because of his size, he is the whole package. It was nice to see him in a film without a mask, the fire in his eyes during a fight scene all the way down to the emotion he gives during the more difficult scenes adds so much depth to the character. He was a beast, almost an immovable force.

There are a series of flashback scenes, some films that have included a large volume of these scenes fell a little flat because they included too many, putting them where they really weren't necessary. American Muscle inserted them only where they made sense. They only added to the depth of the film without taking away from any other aspect.

Todd Farmer plays the perfect villain as John's brother, Sam Falcon. Sam is the type of character you just love to hate, and Farmer nailed very bit of the role. He is another vastly underrated actor, and I would love to see more of him playing this character type.

Todd Farmer as Sam Falcon
Todd Farmer as Sam Falcon

Revenge films can fall flat if there aren't any plot twists, in order to make a film like this work, something has to flip somewhere. There is a massive plot twist towards the end, it is heart wrenching for John Falcon and a bit of an emotional twist, but it fits perfectly into the story. It only made me want to root for John even more.

What is a violent film without a brutal conclusion? After the plot twist, the film only gets bloodier. The tagline, "you owe you pay", was certainly the focus of the conclusion. The one most responsible for the betrayal paid dearly in an extremely violent, bloody fashion.

Phenomenal writing combined with a great cast made for one insanely awesome film, American Muscle set the bar higher for revenge driven thrillers. I highly recommend you buy or rent this one, it is a must add to your collection. Don't feel like going out to get it? It is also available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

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