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It feels like these months before [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) has taken most of the attention off of those proposed spin-off films. With the first one in the hands of Godzilla director Gareth Edwards and juggling writers, information has been scarce but there are some pieces that are too intriguing not to try and piece together.

This all started nearly a year ago when Disney, fresh off of getting the Star Wars rights, announced that they planned on putting out a "stand-alone" Star Wars movie in between the scheduled Episode 7, 8 and 9.

Most popular character with the least screen time.
Most popular character with the least screen time.

Gareth Edwards, leading up to his Godzilla, was handed one. And Josh Trank, leading up to his Fantastic Four, was handed another. Then the confusion began. Was one of them going to be a Yoda movie? Was a young Han Solo and Boba Fett going to feature in another? Writers have come and gone and not much has made any sense.

Perhaps the best rumor came in November with the story of a potential plot. And it sounds like on with a lot of potential. According to the leaked info, the plot would revolve around the heist of the Death Star plans by Rebel spies that set the plot of the first Star Wars movie in motion.

"Did you lock up the Death Star Plans this time?"
"Did you lock up the Death Star Plans this time?"

The Galaxy's Greatest Heist?

The original plan for these spin-offs did seem to focus on classic characters, rather than creating new ones. What is noticeably lacking in this rumored plot description is any sort of focus on Han Solo or Boba Fett - though it is certainly possible that they could be peripheral characters.

True, while any Star Wars film has the potential to do extremely well, there's an obvious bonus attraction to a Han Solo or Bob Fett origin tale that a Star Wars: Rebel Spies movie doesn't quite carry.

Solo & Fett Best Bounty Hunting Buddies For Life.
Solo & Fett Best Bounty Hunting Buddies For Life.

To back up the heist movie angle, the rumor went on to say that one of the characters in Episode 7 would play a part in this film. Ok - further intrigue is building - and would this happen to be Max von Sydow's mystery character in the film who is rumored to be looking after Han Solo's daughter? Not a bad idea.

I was never particularly keen on a Yoda film and think this Oceans 11 in space would be an improvement. At any rate, there are three movies to be made, it's not bad odds that this could be one of them.

Use the force to get that spin-off, Yoda.
Use the force to get that spin-off, Yoda.

Where Do Things Stand Now?

Chances are it's not Gareth Edwards' film, which just got a new writer in About a Boy's Chris Weitz. Or Josh Trank's film - which he's working on with X-Men and Fantastic Four writer Simon Kinberg. There was a report a while back that Empire Strikes Back and Episode 7 writer Lawrence Kasdan was working on one of the spin-off movies - could this heist flick be that one?

With the recent casting news of Tatiana Maslany and Rooney Mara auditioning for Gareth Edwards' movie - I wouldn't be surprised if we find out a young Princess Leia is somehow involved in this one... Ok, I probably would be surprised.

No matter what, with a 2016 release date looming, we'll probably be getting more info on the Edwards' movie sooner than later. And if it is announced that we'll be dealing with a young Han Solo's history with Boba Fett, my 9 year old self with be screaming with joy.


Which rumored spin-off would you most like to see?


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