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Last year, we lost one of the best actors of our generation. Robin Williams somehow made everyone smile in the face of adversity, pain, depression and angst. He had that simple magic that is rare to find.

His was the one celebrity death that really sticks with me. Maybe it's because my first exposure to him was as a little seven-year-old me huddled in the back of my parent's Plymouth Voyager with my older brother and sister watching Mrs. Doubtfire at the drive-inn theater in Santa Maria.

Of course, that Drive-In is now abandoned and empty. No movies play there anymore. And Drive-Ins were one of my favorite things. I still try and find some that are open, but it's rare. Still, it remains one of my favorite memories. And so, to keep the magic flowing, I bring you Robin Williams's ten best movie lines.

10. Good Will Hunting - "He stole my line."

Give it back now!
Give it back now!

9. The Birdcage - "Martha Graham!"

Another favorite of mine. Although I'd argue that Nathan Lane had some of the best lines here.

"I speared the toast!"

8. Mrs. Doubtfire - "A run-by fruiting!"

F*cking limes.
F*cking limes.

7. Jumanji - "Stampede!"

Of corgis?
Of corgis?

6. Dead Poet's Society - "Carpé Diem."

5. Patch Adams - "Treat a person."

Arguably the most feels, here.
Arguably the most feels, here.

4. Aladdin - "You'll always be a prince."

3. Dead Poet's Society - "What we stay alive for."

2. Hook - "A big adventure."

Ne'er have truer words been spoken.
Ne'er have truer words been spoken.

And my personal favorite.

1. Night at the Museum 3 - "It's sunrise."

One of Williams's final lines in his final film was enough to make me tear up in the theater. It was so powerful, it gave me chills. While I'm not religious, I hope there is a Heaven and he's having the time of his life up there.


Which is your favorite line?


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