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For this piece, I'm going to be focusing on the Luke Fox version of Batwing.

The Internet is still cheering/reeling from the announcement that Vixen is getting her own animated web-series, set in the "" universe. See?

She's so Vixen-y
She's so Vixen-y

DC seems to be firing on all cylinders. With their film, live action, and now animated slates, you'd be hard pressed to avoid characters from the house that Detective Comics built. With more and more characters gaining exposure, there's one character I feel has a chance to shine. His name? Batwing.

No, Batwing is NOT the name of Batman's plane.
No, Batwing is NOT the name of Batman's plane.

The skinny: MMA fighter Luke Fox (the son of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox) is given a high powered, technologically advanced suit by Batman to help fight the more occult and supernatural crimes of Gotham. Complicating matters is that Luke doesn't know who Batman is, while Lucius has no idea his son is a superhero!

The recently cancelled comic was one of the hidden gems of The New 52, but he was lost in the shuffle. There are many theories as to why, but to me it came down to two things: 1) Batwing was part of the "Bat Family" (Or Batman, Inc.) but remains mostly away from most of the core characters. This is a fate that also plagues Batwoman. 2) Most people from Generation Y are more familiar with Batman Beyond's origin story involving a technologically-advanced suit given to a younger character by Bruce Wayne.

This is where having an animated series can really benefit the stories of Luke Fox. For many, the DCAU was really good at introducing secondary characters into the mainstream. Some characters even made their first appearance in the DC toons. Having a show featuring Batwing can help to establish his different voice and family dynamic, while engaging with the viewers that could eventually be lifelong fans of the character.

Believe me, comic book conventions are overrun with Harley Quinn variants nowadays. Thank you, Bruce Timm!

The comics did an admirable job of transforming the mantle of Batwing from being simply "another Batman" to featuring a working class hero that balances not only the ideals of "fear" like Batman but with a genuine "realist-meets-optimist" outlook that is sorely needed from other Gotham-based superheroes.

Come on, DC! Make a Batwing series! I'd watch!


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