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The new trailer to Avengers: Age of Ultron has arrived. The preview premiered last night night during ESPN's coverage on the College Football Playoff Championship. I have already gone over the official release of the preview ( which you can read here). To make a long story short: I thought the trailer accomplished its goal, but it was short to be considered a full trailer. Though the preview may have been short, it offered several shots that open the door to speculation; not to mention featuring some exciting moments. What were these moments? Well you may your own scenes that stood out, but these were the moments that caught my attention.

Who Is This Mysterious Woman?

During the first part of the trailer, there is a quick shot of someone in a cave and discarding their robe. It was a quick scene, but I could not help but wonder just who was this person? Part me thought that this could have been Vision, but that could not be right as the person looked authentic; and unless my eyes deceive me, this person is in fact a woman. Looking at this image, we see this person taking off her robe by a pool. I am going to take a shot in the dark here and say that this pool is the one that we saw Thor in during Age of Ultron's first trailer. That being said, this character may not be anyone in particular, but there is definitely intriguing about who this person is and what role she has to play with Thor and the overall story. Speaking of Thor...

Thor's Role in Age of Ultron

Thor's role in Age of Ultron has never really dawned on me. I just assumed the Mighty Avenger just would be a part of the massive ensemble. However, seeing this shot of Thor, it has me rethinking the God of Thunder's direction for this blockbuster. First off there is the mysterious lady and the water hole. We can deduce that the cave involves Thor, but what does it all mean? Maybe this is a sequence of Thor prior to reuniting with the Avengers. Then again maybe this plays into another factor that I am wondering; but that is a theory for another time. The fact of the matter is that Thor may have a bigger role in this film then just being a part of The Avengers; though that is not to say his tension with the team will not be underwhelming for the character.

Black Widow's Origins

I have seen this factor mentioned before; especially from my Something Heroic co-host. After watching this trailer, I think it is safe to say that we are going to see Black Widow's origins in Age of Ultron. The shot of ballerinas dancing in the first trailer was a major hint to this, but the new preview makes it more apparent as we see a younger Widow being operated on (likely by Andy Serkis's character). Of all the Avengers (with the exception of Hawkeye), Black Widow definitely benefits from seeing a glimpse into her past. There is still much we do not know about Widow's cinematic backstory; so having this development in Age of Ultron will only make Black Widow's character more three-dimensional. Featuring Window's backstory is interesting move for the film, and the reason for it is again a theory for another time.

Ultron in Action!

Well I did get a moment I wanted to see in this trailer as Ultron was indeed in action. It just one shot of Ultron firing a massive red beam (and doing so in Sith Lord fashion if I do say so myself). It was not much, but at least the trailer offered some idea of how Ultron fights. Plus I am sure we will see more of Ultron in action in the movie's next trailer.

Stunning Effects!

The preview featured several shots that showed off Age of Ultron's effects. The sequence that stood out to me was Iron Man flying through a stronghold. The sequence of Iron Man landing looked smooth. This brief sequence just showed that effects in this blockbuster will be something to see come May 1st.

Hulk vs. Iron Man

This moment goes without saying, but it was no surprise that we saw Iron Man fighting Hulk during the preview. The sequence was a major highlight in the first trailer, and it only made sense that the fight would be featured in the latest preview. Along with more shots of the fight, the new scenes of Hulk vs Iron Man gives us more details of how this fight will play out; as well as how this clash comes to be. If you thought the Hulkbuster armor was controlled by Ultron, the previews shows us that this theory may not be the case (though everything is still on the table). How this fight starts will have be seen in May, but from seeing more of this showdown, something tells me that this superhero battle may be one to remember. Plus that is one angry looking Hulk (and that's saying something).

As I said at the beginning: it may be a short trailer, but it certainly gets the job done. While I am sure a longer trailer is on the way this preview should be enough, for the time being, to have moviegoers and fans alike discussing the latest content to this anticipated sequel. The only thing that I can say now (and I am sure I will say it again) is the following question: is it May yet?

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st.


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